Test: are you a green consumer and attentive to sustainability?

Choosing to give up the car to go to the office, use LED bulbs, avoid wasting water: small attentions like these, which are daily attentions, can have a not too demanding impact on our lives but very relevant for the well-being of the planet in we live in.

Sustainable consumption should now be a priority for each of us, and Pulsee knows this. This new energy company was born not only to meet the real needs of everyone thanks to the personalization of the service and digitalization, but also to bring transparency and flexibility to the market, placing at the center the new green needs, increasingly important in our scale of values. . Do you want to find out how green you are in your daily choices and in your lifestyle? Before doing this, you need to know that a sustainable lifestyle can have many benefits.

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For example, thanks to the new Pulsee Luce & Gas campaign, if you choose Pulsee for your home utilities, until 30 June 2021 you will not only be able to save 1000 euros on your electricity and gas bills and spend them as you see fit, but you will ensure immediate savings. 100 euros in your bill and, free of charge for two years, access the My Green Energy service - Adopt a system, which guarantees you energy coming exclusively from renewable sources: this would be an innovative and 100% green choice! Or maybe you are already a person who thinks 100% about the future and present of his planet?

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Test: are you a green consumer and attentive to sustainability?

If you want to find out how attentive you are to the health of the environment, how much this attention is reflected in your consumption, how much you should or could still increase your green choices, we will help you! How? Take our test and find out if you are a sustainable consumer.

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