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As per the centuries-old tradition, espresso coffee is the favorite breakfast of all Italians, or at least most of them. Espresso coffee, strictly Italian, is, in fact, synonymous with home, family, relaxation and is loaded with many other symbolic meanings that contribute to making it an inevitable product in our kitchens. Although it is advisable not to exceed with the daily cups, stopping at a maximum of 2/3 a day, in order not to run the risk of developing disorders such as tachycardia and insomnia, science has repeatedly reiterated that in this special mixture there is more than one benefit.

In the light of some research, it would seem that coffee is good for health, especially for the liver and heart. Therefore, those who consume coffee on a regular basis are less likely to suffer from liver cirrhosis or cardiovascular disease. In addition, a good cup of espresso is rich in antioxidants and acts as a digestive, as well as a "food" wake-up call. This is why we at alfemminile have decided to provide you with a selection with the most convenient offers offered by Amazon in the catalog "best espresso machines" of 2020. Nespresso, De 'Longhi, Lavazza, Gaggia, ground, with capsules or pods, in short, of every type and price to be affordable for everyone: discover with us the quality at a bargain price and start to bring out your most elegant set of cups!

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What are the advantages of a coffee machine compared to the traditional moka?

The advantage of a coffee machine compared to a traditional moka is undoubtedly the speed of preparation. To enjoy an excellent cup of espresso without any pressure, in fact, it will not be necessary to wait minute after minute in front of the stove, waiting for the water to reach the exact temperature to be ready to boil. With the latest generation machines, just wait a few seconds for your coffee to be ready, hot at the right point, but above all creamy. This home-made equipment produces a high quality drink that is in no way inferior to our trusted bar.

Espresso coffee machines: here are all the types!

There are plenty of machines to prepare our espresso coffee to satisfy everyone's tastes and needs. Among the offers proposed by Amazon, we have identified six for you, to which we have added some must-have accessories in the creation of the perfect home-made coffee. The types available in our list are 3: espresso coffee machines with the blend, with pods and, finally, with capsules. Now you just have to find your favorite!

> Espresso coffee machines with the blend: the coffee blends for the machines are undoubtedly finer and more treated than those intended for the conventional coffee maker. A valid reason for opting for an espresso powder is that this type has almost no impact on the environment. The product waste can, in fact, be thrown into the wet and then recycled, without generating other waste harmful to the ecosystem.

> Espresso coffee machines with pods: each pod contains 7 grams of ground and pressed coffee and corresponds, in fact, to a coffee, which can be long or espresso depending on your preference. Once the pod has been inserted into the special opening, the drink will be ready to go directly into the cup within a few seconds, hot, intense and creamy. To save the planet - our first home - say goodbye to plastic and choose biodegradable and compostable pods that can be recycled.

> Espresso coffee machines with capsules: this type of coffee machine is undoubtedly the most widespread as it is sold at a price that is more accessible for everyone and therefore more competitive. The essential difference between a pod and a capsule is the material in which they are made. The former contain the ground coffee powder inside a paper wrapper and are made of cellulose, while the latter are made of plastic or aluminum. The value of the capsules, although they have more impact on the environment, is that, being sealed, they are able to maintain and restore the power and authenticity of the taste of that espresso that we Italians boast of all over the world.

The Bialetti Mokona Silver is the coffee machine best suited to true nostalgics

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The Bialetti Mokona Silver machine is in our top 6 of the best espresso machines thanks to its trivalent system, which makes it compatible with the use of ground coffee, capsules and pods. What made us fall in love with this model is undoubtedly the design: unique and nostalgic, it draws inspiration from the legendary mocha to propose an innovative and playful reinterpretation. Available in four different colors to better adapt to the decor of your kitchen, it is equipped with a 20 bar pump pressure which, for the less experienced , translates into the extraction of an intense and full-bodied coffee. The aroma of this magical substance in the cup will invade the whole house and this will be enough to make you feel more charged and energetic in an instant. Furthermore, if you prefer cappuccino (gourmets!) To espresso coffee, don't worry because the Bialetti machine will also satisfy this desire: thanks to the steam wand you will become skilled baristas and make a dense and creamy cap directly from home! Practical and easy to use, it's Amazon's choice and now ours too!

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De "Longhi Icona Vintage: the espresso machine that takes you back in time!

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The De "Longhi Icona Vintage espresso machine is not only beautiful to look at, it also produces a blend of inestimable quality. No wonder, in fact, that it is among the best-selling machines on Amazon, if not LA We have chosen it in stainless steel in a neutral color, with a beige finish and chrome details. The material of this machine is a guarantee of resistance and longevity and represents an investment to be seized on the fly. Its use is immediate, but above all versatile: this product is in fact equipped with a filter holder with cream device that makes it compatible with both ground coffee and the use of ESE pods. To operate it, the De "Longhi Icona Vintage requires only three buttons: on, off and one with which to select the length of your coffee, in short, is grandmother-proof and certainly does not require an instruction manual! em with which to manually mix steam and milk to obtain the perfect foam, worthy of preparation at the bar! This coffee machine is also worth the price for the water tank, which, with a capacity of 1.4 L, is extremely large. Now it is available among the offers on Amazon and, by purchasing it, you can save 55 euros!

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Lavazza a Modo Mio: elegance within a cup's reach

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With a modern and compact design, Lavazza a Modo Mio is the coffee machine to be discovered and tried! In three different colors, black, gray or fire red, the elegance of its shapes makes it an accessory suitable for all environments. To enjoy a coffee like in a bar, just wait 28 seconds, the heating time, and insert the capsule of your choice. The latter, then, will be automatically expelled. It should be emphasized that, before having to empty the collector drawer, you can enjoy 10 coffees. The capacity of this tank lends itself to accommodate ten capsules. When the drawer is full, the machine will warn you with a slight alarm signal, the same you will receive at the time of descaling and in the absence of water. And say goodbye to the annoying noises emitted by many rudimentary coffee machines. Lavazza a Modo Mio Idola is the quietest in its category with only 43 dB in delivery: to enjoy your favorite drink in a cup without making your eardrums stun. In addition, thanks to the accessories it is equipped with, you will be able to manually adjust (thanks to the touch interface) the desired coffee volume, but also the temperature.

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Gaggia manual machine: a coffee that has nothing to envy to the bar!

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To enjoy an excellent espresso coffee, one of the machines on offer that we most recommend is undoubtedly the Gran Gaggia manual machine. With a solid and ergonomic design, this product is for you even if you are not a lover of technology. Its use, in fact, is facilitated by a particularly clear and intuitive screen with buttons. To be able to fill your cup with delicious coffee, you don't have to spend hours and hours reading a boring instruction manual. Inside there are two filters: a filter for ground coffee, the one for the more traditionalists, while for the innovators there is the filter with adapter for single-serving pods. Seeing it, what we found is undoubtedly its power and the extraordinary capacity of the water tank. In addition, this espresso coffee machine is equipped with a pannarello capable of delivering steam to emulsify milk or hot water for tea and herbal teas. In short, there is something for everyone! What you will find in your cups will be a simply authentic coffee, complete with cream like the one made at the bar. We strongly recommend that you give us a little thought, since it is on offer and you will save 48 euros on the purchase!

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Nespresso coffee machines are always synonymous with high quality

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When it comes to espresso coffee machines, there is a brand that - perhaps most of all - is synonymous with quality: Nespresso. Despite being made of plastic, the Inissia model looks like a particularly resistant and well-structured product. If you are always in a hurry and do not even have time to drink a good coffee in peace, you just have to buy this machine: thanks to the power of the Thermoblock system, your cup will be filled in just 25 seconds. Also in this case, we can count on a particularly large tank: inside, in fact, there is enough space for 11 capsules. Moreover, their removal is the only form of maintenance required by this model of coffee machine. To start it, just a simple touch, the same enough to adjust the volume of coffee we want in our cups, and, after 9 minutes of inactivity, this machine will turn itself off. Last but not least, the high quality of the final product is guaranteed by the 19 bar pressure system which gives the machine highly professional characteristics.

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Store your capsules in an original way with this product on offer on Amazon:

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Immediately after purchasing your espresso machine, the second must-have accessory to combine with it is undoubtedly a convenient capsule holder. Our favorite model is the Xavax “donor” capsule holder for Nespresso. Being made of metal, this product is resistant and a sponge soaked in water is enough to clean it. Practical and not at all bulky, this type of capsule holder with a refined design can hold up to 36, restoring a neat appearance to your kitchen. this way, you will have everything you need to prepare a good coffee immediately available!

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Take advantage of the discount and buy 100 Kimbo compostable pods!

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If you want to enjoy your cup of coffee and feel in Naples in a moment, the choice of pods can only fall on the compostable ones offered by Kimbo. Inside each package, you will find the beauty of 100 compostable pods of 7 gr each. The strong and decisive taste of this coffee is softened by the delicate notes of dried fruit and its aroma will inebriate not only the kitchen, but the whole house. In addition to the quality of the product, its sustainability must also be considered: these pods, in fact, can be disposed of and recovered in the separate or wet waste collection.As an old commercial said: Kimbo, I like it!

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Choose the Caffè Borbone capsules for a breakfast like a true queen!

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Among the offers of the month, we cannot fail to point out the super discount on the capsules of Caffè Borbone, the coffee of the television salons. Inside the box there are 100 capsules compatible with Nespresso and Nescafè Dolce Gusto coffee machines. A product that carries the Made in Italy flag high in the world and that you can now enjoy in your kitchen too. For each taste, 4 different blends are available, each capable of giving you a unique coffee with harmonious flavors, just like at the bar.

Discover these capsules on Amazon at a price of less than 20 euros!

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