Giorgio Armani defends the dignity of women and denounces the designers of "rape"

A sad chapter in the history of Milan Fashion Week has just closed. In fact, not even fashion has been exempt from the ferocious impact of the Coronavirus, between closed-door fashion shows and the absence of Chinese buyers, perhaps the most driving economic force in the sector. The Armani fashion show was recorded and streamed directly on the maison's website, a counter-trend choice aimed at protecting the health of its guests and collaborators, given the increasingly precarious health conditions of these times.

It was a difficult decision that Giorgio Armani made, but a further confirmation of the extraordinary intelligence and humanity of this designer who, first of all, is a man, in the sense of a human being. And it is as a sign of respect for China and its pain that King George, as he was crowned by Time, pays homage to the culture of this country so far away by closing the show with twelve models all Asian, dressed in creations that cover ten years of Armani Privè history. But the genius of this man does not stop here, known for the confidentiality that allows him to measure out the words, without the risk of abusing them to give breath to the mouth

"Women today are regularly raped by designers, and I get involved too"

On the occasion of the closing of the Fashion Week, the inventor of prêt-à-porter made statements as strong as they were necessary. The designer, in fact, not without assuming his own responsibilities, makes fierce accusations against the fashion system which, pretending to be interested in the enhancement of women, exploits and objectifies her, imposing on her how to be and how to appear, without this, however, having say in the matter. “There is talk of women being raped in a corner. Women today are regularly raped by designers, and I get involved too. What happens is unworthy. I think of certain advertising posters in which provocative, semi-naked women are seen: it happens that many feel obliged to show themselves like this. This is rape to me. Sorry for the outburst and the strong words, but I felt I had to say it ".

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Giorgio's very necessary remonstrance does not end here. He rebels against a system that tends towards homologation and, in the worst case, ridicule in order to show itself in step with the times. “Let's stop being subjected to this system. Trends are nothing, you just need to improve the woman who lives her time ". It is not believed that a designer refuses to follow trends, unless this designer is Armani. Elegant, unique and unattainable, fashion does not follow it, it creates it, respecting a woman who is cultured in her normality. A woman who has the pleasure of dressing to emphasize the best part of herself, while remaining true to her own being, without necessarily wearing the clothes imposed by someone else. This is the idea or, rather, the ideal of style that the Armani man, even before the brand, has been conveying for years on the catwalks and beyond. In a world that seems to have not yet grasped the true value of women, beyond her stereotyped and sexualized beauty at the mercy of men, Giorgio is the last bastion of hope that remains.

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