2 dogs get married in India, 5000 people present at the ceremony (video)

The most famous DJs in the country pump their music from the speakers and "groom"arrives in a car with floral decorations. It" happened in the village of Pawara, in Uttar Pradesh, a state of "northern India. The owner of the"wife"he even shed a few tears because he was too moved by the situation:"It's a dog but ... it's like it's my daughter'.
Obviously, there was no lack of an abundant buffet and, at the end of the ceremony, the couple drove away by car.

Big fat "dog wedding" held in Kaushambi (UP), 5k people in attendance; complete with ceremonies & tearful send off.https: //t.co/mpGTyRfCjO

- ANI (@ANI_news) March 12, 2016

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