What to wear if you have short legs to look slimmer!

Short legs can be a big problem when trying to look your best. Some things seem impossible to afford, such as oversized sweaters and long jackets, which would shorten the figure, while others would always make you ask: can I afford them?

For the doubts and pains of having short legs, our advice on how to dress comes to your rescue, to slim the figure making you feel more at ease.

Discover them all and get ready for a tough shopping training session!

Your ideal shopping list

  • High-waisted trousers, like palazzo trousers
  • Miniskirts
  • Short jackets
  • Monochrome dresses or suits
  • Short A-line skirts
  • Empire style dresses
  • Vertical lines
  • Heeled shoes in nude color
  • Platform shoes

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1. High waisted

For the lower part of your looks, that is pants and skirts, always choose high-waisted models, which slender the figure and harmonize the upper and lower part.
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Getting the line up at the waist will make your legs look longer. And if you want to add heels, even better! Maybe covered with a nice wide paw like these


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© Zara Palazzo pants

2. The shorter the skirt, the longer the legs

You are among the lucky ones who have to wear the miniskirt. A very short skirt will in fact increase the length effect of the legs, even when they are too short!

And in the winter? Wear socks, perhaps the color of your complexion, or black, which will certainly make you slim!
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© Zara Skirt with zipper: the sexiest garment in autumn winter fashion

3. Wear short jackets

Jackets are a sore point if you have short legs, but not too short either. True, you cannot wear long jackets (or shirts), but the important thing is that the hem of the jacket does not fall below your hips.

This would in fact increase the short legs effect. A short jacket will instead be your best ally!
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4. Monochromatic works magic!

© wgsn.com

When it comes to suits, with skirt or trousers, with or without a jacket, remember the golden rule for women with short legs: monochromatic is better than broken!

Wearing only one color will make the figure appear longer and more harmonious, because it is not too obvious where the torso ends and where the legs begin. And then, do not underestimate the inimitable elegance of a beautiful solid color suit ...

5. Skater chic

Pretend you're an ice skating dancer! The skirts used by those athletes in fact would be ideal for you.

They are A-line skirts, with an A-line narrow at the hips and widening downwards, but they are also short, and this, in the contrast between the volumes, will give a more slender look to your legs.

Check out Bella Thorne's example below, and then, try it!

© Getty

6. Make Empire style back in fashion!

Empire style dresses or lines are those that do not mark the hips, but immediately under the bust, leaving the rest of the "dress or shirt" floating.

The Empire style lengthens the figure starting from the bust, and this would give you two merits: making your legs look longer, and making this style come back into fashion!

7. Long live the maxi skirts!

© Getty

Maxi skirts are the best friend of any type of woman. For those with short legs, even more so! Contrary to what one might think, maxi skirts do not cut the figure, accentuating slightly slender legs.

In fact, just wear heels or high platform shoes, even wedges, under a maxi skirt, and that's it! The important thing is to pay attention to the hem of the skirt: it must not touch the floor!

8. The importance of the illusion

Lines? No problem, you can wear them, but they better be thin and vertical! Even stripes, if chosen well, can contribute to the illusion that your legs are longer than they are. Here are some examples of optical stripes that can suit you:

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© Mango Optical lines fashion trends fall winter 2017

9. He wears nude colored heels

Nude or nude heels are something everyone should have in their wardrobe! Not only do they look good with everything, but they create a slender effect precisely because they become an extension of the legs, keeping the same color of the complexion.

ATTENTION: avoid ankle boots and various ankle boots, especially in colors that contrast too much with your complexion. They would shorten the figure too much and do you no favors!

10. An added value: the plateau

© fashionologie.com

We have said about the importance of heels, preferably nude colored. Here we can only add how an extra value in terms of height can be given to you by wedges and plateaus.
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If you can choose, the plateau is always better: it will make you taller and more slender, and thus make you feel comfortable with your looks!

What NOT to buy while shopping:

  • Midi skirts
  • Oversized dresses
  • Long shirts
  • Low waist pants
  • Ankle shoes or ankle boots
  • Excessive prints
  • Mid-height ankle boots

Look at the look of these celebrities to get some ideas!

Chloe Grace Moretz