Gradient effect: all the secrets for a sensual look directly to your home

To enhance your hair, it is not necessary to completely upset your look, just a few nuances to revive a cut that you no longer like. L "Oréal Preférénce Lo Sfumato is the ideal solution for this gradual change, the important thing is to know how to apply the color to recreate a shade based on the characteristics of your hair, such as color, cut and styling.

If you have long or short hair, curly or straight, here are all the tips for a perfect gradient look.

If you wear long hair to light it up, create a gradient starting from the chin down. Do you have brown hair and want a natural result? Choose a coppery or hazelnut shade; while if you want a bolder look choose red.

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The secret to applying the gradient for a Bob Cut is to create delicate shades starting from the height of the eyes, thus making them stand out. Do you have brown hair? Choose a caramel or honey shade to make your color unique.

If you have chosen a pixie cut for a masculine look, enhance the cut and give light to the face by applying the gradient only on the tuft. For those with blonde hair and want a glam look, it is better to opt for golden shades, while for a rock look it is better to opt for platinum blonde.

To give volume to straight hair, it is better to opt for a gradual shade that intensifies at the ends.

The faded effect on the soft waves of wavy hair will amaze you, it will create a super glam movement.

For curly hair the trick is to create delicate shades at different heights. This way you will be able to better define your cut and brighten your face. If you have red hair, choose warm amber shades to get a more natural result.

Play with your look! Use bold colors to create your shade, copper and mahogany will give you a truly sensual look.

Thanks to the gradient you can have fun playing with different hairstyles that will accentuate the effect: a herringbone braid, a chignon or a simple high ponytail are ideal for bringing out the contrast between roots and tips.