Make your baby's bedroom safe

For children from 0 to 3 years, the cot with adjustable sides must comply with certain safety standards (NF EN 716-1): the bars and sides must be made of wood or plastic and must measure at least 60 cm. When the child is inside the cot, the sides must be locked at their maximum height with the appropriate safety stops. The space between the bars must be between 4.5 cm and 6.5 cm and the bars must be vertical to prevent the head, arms or legs from getting stuck.

Good to know: if you feel like repainting your baby's bed, use a totally eco-friendly paint because your baby could put the bars in his mouth as he grows up.

Rule # 2: Hide sockets and electrical wires

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Finally your baby is walking alone ... and his favorite game is to touch everything within his reach! To avoid any accidents, don't forget to cover electrical outlets and hide wires coming out of furniture or running through rooms.

Good to know: some furniture or DIY stores offer colorful and fun socket covers or trims, designed especially for children's rooms.

Rule n ° 3: choose the right furniture

Your child wants to explore the world and climbs on everything he finds: armchairs, sofas, bedside tables, bookcases ... To avoid a bad fall, fix the furniture to the wall and put corner protectors on low tables, desks, etc. Also remember to remove the keys from the locks.

Our tip: if you choose furniture suitable for your child (for example a low desk where he can sit alone to draw) you will help to make him autonomous.

Good to know. There are safety kits for children on the market: window locks, corner protectors, drawer stops ...

Rule # 4: teach him to tidy up

Your child will turn his bedroom upside down in no time at all: don't hesitate to teach him to put everything back in order!

Get a toy chest with wheels, which your little boy can happily drag around to collect toys. From the age of 30 your baby will be able to learn how to put away dirty clothes and put away clean ones - present him this task as a game. Do not forget to also involve him in the furnishing of his bedroom, not only in domestic tasks: he will be happy to be considered "great" and at the same time he will learn to assume his responsibilities.

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