10 furnishing follies in the most luxurious homes in the world

Have you ever walked into the home of a real millionaire? What would you expect to find? Gold handles, precious carpets, famous canvases, antique furniture, of course, but also much more. For example these 10 "little follies".

Waking up in the pool!

There are those who say that the best way to start the day is with a nice invigorating and invigorating swim. So why not arrange a shortcut - in this case an internal slide - that leads directly from the bed to the pool located on the lower level?

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For those who prefer a "normal" shower ...

If, on the other hand, you love more traditional awakenings, and a shower is a must, you can always make it "special", like this one that brings a real corner of tropical forest into your home.

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Without getting cold

And when you come back in the evening, what's better than a nice hot bath? In order not to get cold while entering and leaving the tub, in this house they thought of placing a real fireplace near it. Warmth and atmosphere guaranteed.

© Docxie

A thief-proof car park

Ah obviously, before returning, the car is parked in the garage, but not just any parking space, but an underground garage, which makes the car disappear and does not make it tempting bait for thieves.

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Then we move on to relaxation ... the real one!

A living room to watch TV? Passed! Now a whole room is set up with a projector and maxi cushions where you can lie down, sit or recline as you see fit, while enjoying the film. Better than at the cinema!

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The cinema in the pool

And if you are real cinephiles why not set up a big screen in the pool too? So, between swims, you can enjoy your favorite movies and series in the open air.

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A little bit of healthy sport

Do you like climbing but the mountain is a bit far? Nothing could be simpler - but certainly not cheap - than equipping your home by building a real rock wall where you can climb and train in complete freedom.

© Eldowalls.com

Wet grill, lucky grill

A poolside grill is perfect for summer barbecues and, while you wait for the sausage to be well browned, you can take a dip before taking a seat at the table.

© Republic

Vintage wine

And with meat, you know, you need a good, full-bodied and fruity red wine. To best preserve the finest bottles in this house they have built an underground cellar with a truly original design ...

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Cat life ... millionaires

Even the pets deserve to enjoy a bit of luxury. Hence these cats have an entire room set up with trampolines, suspended platforms and bridges to have fun and not miss the life in the open air.

© Vivas