Proven For You: the revolutionary device that will help you fight the signs of aging

Skin aging and weight loss: these are the two words capable of instilling terror and dismay on the face of every woman. It is useless to tell us stories, the passage of time leaves more or less evident marks on our face and on our body, signs that often also affect our self-esteem.

If it is true that miracles are best expected only from the saints, it is equally true that research in the technological and cosmetic fields has made great strides and allows us to slow down, if not completely eliminate the signs of aging.

We do not want to talk to you about painful surgeries, or about make-up or particular clothes that hide and disguise only for a few hours, but about WELLBOX, a cosmetic cell stimulation device at home, which has been patented by LPG SYSTEMS experts, for personalized treatments by carry out comfortably at home.

LPG has created a method of mechanical stimulation of the connective tissue, capable of deeply reactivating the activity of cells essential for the beauty and health of our skin. WELLBOX provides an effective, but non-invasive stimulation, with a simple treatment to be carried out at home.

We can define WELLBOX as a real one personal beauty trainer, which combines anti-cellulite and anti-aging actions, which treats the face and body at the same time, but has many other potentials, all to be discovered and contained in a compact and elegant design.


WELLBOX: How it works

The treatments that can be carried out with WELLBOX are essentially divisible into:

- FACE treatments, carried out with LIFT heads, which act on the skin through microbeats that stimulate the fibroblasts and mechanically activate the production of collagen and elastin. The result is firmer skin, a reduction of fine lines and fine lines, better circulation and a generalized relaxing effect.

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- BODY treatments, carried out instead with motorized rollers - ROLL heads - which mechanically activate lipolysis and have anti-cellulite, firming, elasticizing, de-contracting and smoothing effects.


Despite all these features, WELLBOX is discreet in size, relatively light, easy to assemble and can be placed in any corner of the house, so that it is always ready for use!

Beyond the quality of the device and the innovative technology used, however, we must not underestimate the importance of consistency: carrying out the treatments with regularity and precision will greatly contribute to achieving the set goals.


WELLBOX: Tested for you

The descriptions are useful, but we know that it is the practical test that can make the difference in making it clear if a product is truly valid or not. To give you a point of view that is as timely and truthful as possible, we at have tried WELLBOX, to be able to talk about it with good reason and only after having actually tested the device.

In particular, we focused on facial treatments, for which 2 different interchangeable LIFT heads are dedicated depending on the effect you want to achieve and the area to be treated (eye contour, lip contour, forehead, cheeks and neck).

Once you open WELLBOX you will find, in addition to the instruction manual and a practical leaflet with a simple and immediate explanation of the treatments that can be carried out on each area of ​​the face and body, an extremely comprehensive DVD that will show you step by step everything that you need to know before, during and after using the device.

If you want to treat the face, consider that a session lasts from 3 to 6 minutes per area and should be repeated, at least at the beginning, every day until the goal is reached, then 2/3 sessions per week will be enough to maintain the results achieved.

Once the head has been selected and inserted into the handpiece, all that remains is to set the treatment mode, duration and intensity on the LCD screen: all information that you can find at a glance on the summary leaflet with the diagrams of all the programs.

In our case, the two LIFT heads were used for the face, with detachable fins. In particular, the LIFT 1 head (for the most delicate areas) is designed starting from the professional LPG technology of the Lifted Massage and gently lifts the skin while the wings move by acting in depth, the LIFT 2 head (for face, neck and décolleté) it is studied starting from the professional technology of the filtered massage, which acts through constant micro-beats. Both have the aim of stimulating the fibroblasts to mechanically activate the production of collagen and help make the skin more compact, toned and rejuvenated.

Treatments with WELLBOX are not in the least painful, on the contrary, the mechanical stimulation has a relaxing, oxygenating and at the same time invigorating effect. After a day of work or during the weekend it is nice to be able to indulge in the luxury of a professional treatment directly within your own four walls, whether our goal is to smooth the skin, reduce cellulite, promote tissue drainage, firm the contours or reduce muscle tension.

Our opinion? WELLBOX is certainly an advanced device, which gives good results if used with the right regularity and following the directions for use; in short, a valid alternative to similar treatments that can be done in beauty centers.

Of course, the initial investment (about € 1,000) is not irrelevant, but if you consider the costs of such sessions in a professional center, you will soon realize that you can quickly amortize the cost. And of course WELLBOX - which has a 2 year warranty - can be used by the whole family at the same time! In fact, there are specific programs designed also for male imperfections, because men are certainly not exempt from the signs of aging ...

If you want more information, visit the WELLBOX site!