False nails: everything you need to know and which ones to buy

False nails are an effective solution to take care of your hands and give them an always neat and clean look. Generally in plastic or plastic-synthetic material, there are different shapes, sizes and patterns to better adapt to your personal needs and preferences. The methods of application also vary according to the type of artificial nail, distinguishing themselves in nails with glue, self-adhesive or pre-glued. So you just have to choose the ones that are right for you, but first of all here is a complete guide to use!

Why resort to false nails?

The do-it-yourself manicure is not only a practical and quick solution for last-minute commitments, but it is also a valid - but above all economic - alternative to the expensive treatments usually offered by nail technicians. In addition, false nails are an excellent ally to show off fingers that are always manicured and flawless without having to book appointments and spend hours inside beauty centers. Without considering that, after applying the artificial ones, we will be forced to refrain from eating them and consequently our natural nails will be healthier and elongated.

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How to put on fake nails

The application of artificial nails is simpler than you can imagine, also because inside the kits available on the market are usually included the instructions to follow step by step for the success of the work. First of all, you need to select the right size false nails - both in height and in width - and, to do this, you always start with the little finger and then proceed with the rest of the fingers. Before gluing the tips, the natural nails must be washed and smoothed and, only once dry, you can proceed in the following ways:

> False nails with glue: after sanitizing, spread the glue sparingly and then lay the tips down, pressing them for at least 30 seconds and being careful not to leave air bubbles.

> Pre-glued false nails: lift the adhesive part, apply the tip to the natural nail and, once glued, decorate it as desired with enamels and any rhinestones.

> Self-adhesive false nails: remove the adhesive, apply the nails on the finger by exerting firm pressure and wait about ten minutes, the necessary drying time so that the tips do not come off prematurely.

How long do false nails last?

On average, when maintained carefully, artificial nails last 5 to 7 days. The tightness obviously depends on several factors: first of all the quality of the product itself, but also on our lifestyle. To ensure that the duration of your false nails is prolonged over time, we advise you to choose the gel or acrylic variants, which are more durable and resistant.

How to remove false nails

Given that your home manicure will last a week at most, let's see how to proceed with the removal of false nails. The ways in which these can be detached are many: for example, you could dip your fingers in hot water for a few minutes until the glue is completely dissolved and, with the help of a pliers or a stick with which to lift one side, you will be able to remove the artificial nail in its entirety with extreme agility. Alternatively, there are immersion jars or enamel lever packs with which to eliminate any residue in no time. If you use solvents, it is absolutely essential that they are acetone-free as it is extremely harmful. Once the artificial tips have been removed, we recommend that you file your natural nails and soften them with the application of an emollient cream.

Useful tips for a long life

When you decide to resort to the use of false nails to create your manicure, it is good to act with a good dose of foresight and, before proceeding with the purchase of the necessary products, evaluate if this treatment suits you and your style of life. For example, if you do manual work or practice physical activity on a regular basis, fake nails are not the best solution for you. In that case, good old nail polish comes in handy, it doesn't require a lot of attention and is easy to remove or touch up. While, established and proven that artificial nails adapt to your needs, we simply advise you not to wet them for too long, especially with hot water, and to be wary of excessively cheap products as quality pays for itself and is essential to carry out a job of reconstruction in compliance with hygiene rules.

Artificial nails: which ones and where to buy them

Acrylics, nude effect, ballerina, almond-shaped, water resistant, in short, you can find plenty of artificial nail models. Usually, they are available at perfumeries and specialized stores, but the most convenient offers are mainly found online . And that is why we at alfemminile have compiled for you a selection of must-have products for your homemade manicure, such as sets of false nails, glues, solvents and kits for the care of hands and feet, all products sold. at ultra affordable prices to add to your Amazon cart immediately!

The Kiss set for a French manicure that never goes out of style

French manicure is more than a fashion. Perhaps, for lovers of nail-art, we can even speak of a real religion. On the crest of the wave for more than a decade, this style of manicure gives our hands a look that is not only neat but also elegant and refined, particularly appropriate for ceremonies or gala events. In this regard, I give you some wonderful news of the "latest" now: now you can make your very own French manicure even from home and, to do so, we recommend the Kiss artificial nails kit. Ultra flexible and resistant, these fake nails ensure a French manicure with a natural look. thinner on the edges and reinforced with acrylic on the tips, they do not splinter and remain shiny for a long life. Discover the perfect size for you among the 12 included in the package, the glue is included!

Here's where to buy them for less than 15 euros and with free shipping!

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Bet everything on elegance with Elegant Touch false nails!

Among the homemade manicure products, the set of artificial nails signed Elegant Touch cannot be missing. If for your hands you want a sober, casual but above all eternally glamorous look, these shimmer pink colored fake nails are for you. Inside the package there are 24 spare parts to guarantee up to 10 days of use and the available sizes are even 12, so you will certainly not struggle to find yours! In addition, the artificial nails of Elegant Touch are applied with extreme ease through the glue included in the packaging.

What are you waiting for to put it in the cart? It costs less than 10 euros!

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3 in 1: the wow effect of multi-patterned false nails!

Brilliant and trendy, Kiss's self-adhesive artificial nail set suits any season and is perfect for those who get bored early and need to change frequently even when it comes to nail polish color. Inside this package, in fact, there are 30 gel-effect nails in 12 sizes and 3 different styles, to be used individually or combined with each other for a wow effect. The application is immediate and beginner-proof: after having it pressed for a few seconds, the ultra-thin adhesive will immediately adhere to the natural nail ensuring maximum adherence and a flawless seal for up to 7 days, just like a professional glue.

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Home-made manicure and pedicure? Now it's possible with Beautural's professional kit!

Of course, taking care of your nails with home treatments is not easy and their success is not always guaranteed, but, with Beautural's professional kit, home-made manicures and pedicures will be child's play. Inside you will find 7 interchangeable accessories designed for different uses including filing, shaping and polishing of nails, but also removal and smoothing of calluses. With its ergonomic and compact design, the efficiency of this nail care machine is undoubtedly due to its 13 speed settings and 5 indicator lights. In addition, an LED light is also integrated inside to optimize visibility during reconstruction work and obtain finished nails in total safety.

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For a strong and secure hold, here is NYK1 super strong glue!

Usually the packages of artificial nails also provide the buyer with a tube of glue, but if this is absent, do not worry because there are many valid alternatives on the market. One of them is the one chosen and recommended by Amazon, or nail glue. super strong fake nails of NYK1. At an extremely affordable price, you can count on a professional quality glue, particularly suitable for nail art with acrylic, gems and other decorations to be applied on the false nail. It dries quickly and guarantees a strong and secure hold for all types of nail tips.

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Remove cuticles without pain with Sally Hansen's Instant Cuticle Remover!

It is common knowledge that to get one perfect manicure, the first thing to do is to remove the cuticles. Unfortunately, however, the process of removing these cuticles is often painful and, if carried out by inexperienced hands, it risks becoming even risky. In fact, we could get bleeding wounds through which bacteria of all kinds could have direct access to our skin. To prevent this from happening, it is possible to resort to cuticle-dissolving formulas such as Sally Hansen's Instant Cuticle Remover. Thanks to its softening action guaranteed by chamomile and aloe vera extracts with emollient virtues, this product eliminates unsightly skin without any effort. nor suffering. Simply apply it and keep it in place for 15 seconds on the skin to be removed.

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Soft hands and healthy nails thanks to Ylang-Ylang & Burity butter cream!

Although it rarely happens, sometimes the application of false nails can damage the underlying natural nails. For this reason, after removing the artificial ones, it is advisable to sprinkle fingers and nails with moisturizers and emollients that act directly on the damaged areas and go to them. In this sense, the top of the range is undoubtedly the Ylang-Ylang & Burity butter cream composed of 99% ingredients of natural origin. Rich in organic ylang-ylang, buriti oil and orange blossom extract, this emollient it is an effective and efficient remedy to nourish the skin of the hands and strengthen the nails weakened by the reconstruction treatment.

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Maybelline New York Gentle Remover is the mildest acetone-free solvent on the market!

If you are looking for a great acetone-free solvent, we recommend Maybelline New York's Gentle Remover. There is only one adjective to describe it: delicate. This product, in fact, thanks to its formula enriched with avocado extract with softening properties, removes enamel and residues in a single pass without attacking the natural nail, which will indeed be deeply hydrated!

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