Personality test: are you more optimistic or pessimistic?

How we relate to others but also how we manage life events is a complex tangle that affects both our genetic factors and our personal history. Undoubtedly, therefore, an "optimistic or pessimistic disposition is linked to many factors, and above all it is not certain that we can always be optimistic or pessimistic. Historical events, our feelings and the people who determine us are factors to be taken into consideration, but ... there is always a choice. Before you find out how you are, watch the video, and find out what you feel:

Personality test: are you more optimistic or pessimistic?

So in general we choose whether we want to see the famous glass of water half full or half empty. And even if we are determined by many factors, it is certain that we decide at some point how to face our difficulties. You are more of a chronic pessimist or a Tireless optimist? Take the test and find out now:

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Are you one of those constant and stable people or a person who changes often and gets tired quickly? Take our test and find out:

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