How to lighten your hair naturally: 5 tips for a sunny hair

Summer is our favorite time of the year! In addition to holidays, moments by the sea and opportunities to discover beautiful places, we can return home full of new stories and a completely renewed look: a tanned complexion, lightened hair, a bright face ... what a joy!

If you also like the idea of ​​making your face sunny and golden, we give you 5 tips to clarify your hair in a natural way to ensure that your hair remains clearer but no less hydrated, so you can also create these sensational beach waves, without damaging your hair in the heat:

1. Water + lemon juice

This formula works perfectly for hair with a dark blonde or light brown shade: just pour 100ml of water with the juice of 2 whole lemons into a sprayer (buy the set from 2 to € 8.49). Lemon juice has a natural lightening effect and gives our hair the perfect summer look with little effort.

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Once the formula is ready, just spray it on all your hair and let it dry in the sun, so that the lightening effect is even more powerful. If you are on the beach, we recommend that you do it about half an hour before leaving, so you can wash them well in fresh water and hydrate them.

After 2 or 3 applications, you will already be able to see the difference in shade. Don't forget to always apply an after sun moisturizer to keep your hair looking gorgeous all summer long.

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2. Chamomile tea

Is your hair too delicate or weak for a real lightening treatment? Then we recommend a sweet treatment with chamomile tea. In addition to its purifying and anti-inflammatory properties, chamomile is able to lighten the hair gently and therefore will make your hair naturally brighter without the aggression of chemicals.

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3. Honey for lighter hair

This popular and versatile natural beauty ingredient that, in addition to deeply hydrating them, is able to lighten them and rekindle the blond. The only downside to this treatment is definitely cleaning up afterwards, because honey is sticky and maybe applying it on the beach isn't a great idea. But you can apply it at home and put yourself in the sun, or create a hair mask with honey and other ingredients.

Not convinced? We have an even simpler solution: this avocado and honey mask from Organic Shop for sale on Amazon for around € 9.

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4. Baking soda to purify and clarify the hair

Another versatile ingredient often used to create cosmetic and hygiene products, sodium bicarbonate is well known for its astringent and lightening properties. In fact, a spray with bicarbonate is able to clarify even the darkest hair, as well as being a powerful remedy to fight dandruff and a welcome natural ingredient if you are looking for 100% natural substitutes for shampoo.

Be careful though: it's very important to use it sparingly, because it's an abrasive ingredient and can dry out your scalp if used too often.

To use it on the beach, simply dissolve 2 tablespoons of baking soda in 250ml of water and gently massage the mixture into your hair. After about 20 minutes of sun exposure, you can wash your hair thoroughly. If you are interested in creating other natural beauty "recipes", you should buy the 1.4kg pack of 100% natural baking soda on Amazon for € 9.87.

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5. Beachblond with sea water

100% natural, seawater is also a powerful ingredient for clarifying hair. We also understand that this is a longer treatment, so if you live away from the sea and want a more "golden" hair before "real summer, we recommend using John Frieda Beach Blonde Spray. In addition to being a spray capable of giving more volume to fine hair, it is the ideal product to create a "beach waves hairstyle. It has sea salt in its composition to give texture and lighten it and coconut to hydrate and protect it from UV rays. A true and a must-have for lightening hair at home.


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