Royal baby: the most eligible names

The term of childbirth has expired and the whole world eagerly awaits the birth of the future heir of England, which could happen at any moment. Kate Middleton is in fact about to give birth to her first child and in addition to speculating on the exact date, hour and minutes of the birth of the Duchess of Cambridge, another question is at the center of world interest: the name that the two parents "royals" will choose for their child, whose sex is not yet known.

According to the bookies, the future heir of England would be a girl. These are the names that would be more eligible: Alexandra seems to be the first on the list, even if Isabella makes her way between the possible choices of William and Kate; in the shortlist of favorites Charlotte and Elizabeth would also be there, while Diana, who once seemed to be among the very favorites, has been abandoned. Will she really be one of these or will a surprise await us, as happened with the date of birth, initially scheduled for last July 13? We can not help but wait for the most important media event of the year.

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