Hanging succulents: here are the most beautiful ones to hang at home

Succulents are not grown only in planters to be placed on the ground, quite the contrary. Placed in vases and hung from the ceiling, they give a spectacular jungle effect even to those who live in apartments. They share many characteristics with succulent varieties, however, hanging succulents stand out for their drooping pattern. We have collected the most beautiful and easiest to grow species.

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How to grow hanging succulents

Hanging succulents are nothing more than common succulents that differ in a drooping pattern. Their bearing, that is, tends downwards and for this reason they are perfect to be placed in raised points of the house (such as shelves, shelves, bookcases, ...) or hung from the ceiling. In nature there are many varieties of so-called "hanging" plants and taking care of them is not very difficult.

To cultivate them in the best way it will be enough to adopt the same precautions that are used for common succulent plants in pots, that is to choose a soil that is not too compact, avoid dangerous stagnation of water and place them in very bright places. The succulent plants, in fact, do not they love the shade and not even the cold places. They also live well outdoors, as long as the temperature does not drop excessively.
Most succulents and, therefore, even hanging ones, can be successfully grown on the balcony, in the garden or on the terrace because they are very hardy specimens. It will be enough to take care to choose varieties that tolerate well even the winter climates, such as Orostachys iwarenge, a perennial succulent plant with a ground cover which has bluish leaves and small white flowers.

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The succulents to hang, therefore, are also suitable for those who do not have a large green thumb because they require little watering and equally sporadic pruning.
For this reason they are perfect for use both indoors and outdoors, in baskets, planters or vases. They create a corner of greenery with very little effort with a very suggestive effect because the falling trend enhances the elongated shape.

As already mentioned, they live well both indoors and outdoors, in fact they are also appreciated as balcony plants by virtue of the little space they need. Developing mainly downwards, in fact, just hang them to enjoy the greenery without too many pots around. for the terrace. Alternatively, they can be placed side by side with a support so that they grow following the wall.

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The most beautiful varieties of hanging succulents

Among the most beautiful and most scenic varieties of hanging succulents we find:

  • Epiphyllum. Also called "mother-in-law's tongue", epiphyllum is a succulent plant of the Hylocereeae family which, however, unlike other cacti, has no thorns. It can reach up to 60 cm in height and produces very colorful and spectacular flowers. It loves bright environments but cannot stand direct sunlight. It also tolerates humid rooms well and thrives when placed in areas with a temperature between 10 ° and 25 °. It should be watered often, especially during the hottest months.
  • Sedum Burrito. This succulent plant also called "donkey's tail" is a succulent of the cactus species which, when hung, creates a very decorative effect. Sedum has a cascading pattern and produces beautiful flowers. It is easy to grow because it also lives well. indoors, however, its ideal habitat is outdoors.

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  • Aporocactus. This fat and perennial cactacea plant (which belongs to the cactus family) has thin spines and large colorful flowers that open in spring. It grows very well in length and, as its roots are not too long, it also bears small pots. However, it needs frequent watering, especially during the summer.
  • Senecio rowleyanus. The "Rosary plant", as it is also defined, has circular capsules that resemble the beads of the rosary. It blooms in summer with white flowers and is a plant that loves heat and sun. It does not need much water in winter, while during the warmer months its soil must stay cool.

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The hanging succulents with the most beautiful flowers

There are a great many varieties of succulents that produce decorative flowers. The more resistant species can be kept outside even in winter, however, those that come from warm climates such as that of Africa, it is better to spend the colder months indoors.

  • Kalanchoe. Kalanchoe is one of the succulents that have the most beautiful colored flowers. Although it does not have a drooping posture (it is, indeed, very compact), it lends itself to being placed in a vase to hang on the balcony or the ceiling. Its pink flowers cheer up the whole environment and make it one of the most popular succulents, for many years. It is one of the varieties of crassulaceae that has found more success because, thanks also to its generally low cost, it lends itself to being a much appreciated gift item.
  • Mamillaria. To the family of the Mamillarie belong several succulents of the genus of flowering, which are nothing but real desert cacti. They have large pink flowers that open during the day and are very easy to grow. However, they have small, insidious spines that can sting if touched.

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Succulents to hang from the ceiling

There are some species of green plants which, although belonging to the succulent family, do not have a drooping shape. These are green varieties that lend themselves to hanging from the ceiling, placed inside small pots. Unlike larger species, such as Aloe and Agave, which require large containers, these species are compact and light. The most beautiful are:

  • l "Haworthia. Haworthia is a succulent plant native to South Africa that is characterized by compact green leaves. It is a species that lives very well in pots and is easy to grow because it has a modest size shape. All Haworthia needs is a constant temperature and little water.
  • Crassula. Crassula is a plant that belongs to the Crassulaceae family, native to South Africa. It has compact, succulent and fleshy bright green leaves. It grows little because it is modest in size but, both outside in the garden and inside, it is very scenic. It produces red and white flowers and is also called the "jade tree" because of its beauty.

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  • Cactus. The cactus may seem like a risky plant to hang, however, if you opt for a small and compact species, it can become a real highlight of the green decor. There are many varieties, in fact that of the Cactus is a real "botanical family". It is difficult to make it bloom, but when it does, it gives colorful flowers (even pink) that repay the efforts of its cultivation. It gives an innovative touch to the home, on the desert chic genre, in fact it is one of the most fashionable plants in recent years.

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