Money slave: no sex and lots of gifts for his mistress

When we talk about money slave or even moneyslave written all attached we refer to a relationship in which there is a submissive, male or female, and a dominator. This practice belongs to the long line of sexual dominations and is often found in combination with other BDSM and BDSM practices.

There is a substantial difference between money slave and other practices related to sexual domination. In fact, in this case there is no sex between man and woman: the submissive offers the dominator or dominatrix gifts or money. The submissive undergoes, like other practices related to domination, a series of humiliations from the dominator, whether he is a master or a mistress but the latter never really allows himself. This erotic humiliation never translates into intimacy but on the contrary the relationship takes place only online, or in some cases the submissive accompanies the master to go shopping and obviously pays every expense and satisfies all his desires always and only economically speaking. This is the real big difference between money slave and total power exchange: in the latter, the same type of erotic humiliation occurs but a seduction that also leads to sex or a continuous sexual relationship is not excluded between slave and master.

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The moneyslave: the pleasure of paying

This practice manages to deeply satisfy both the slave and the master while not providing for sexual intercourse and therefore enjoyment. The role of the master or mistress who economically subdues a slave or a slave is mysterious and intriguing. It belongs to the BDSM world but at the same time it is also a great novelty due to the lack of physical components.
The name moneyslave derives from the union of money and slave. Money in English means money and slave which means slave. However, we must not translate the "union of two words as" slave of money "because such an interpretation could be misleading in understanding all the nuances of this erotic practice. The submissive merely uses his money and his possibilities to please his mistress, he allocates all his sacrifices to her while his lady is barely grateful to him.

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The rules of the money slave

Entering fully into the mind of slave and master and understanding the rules of this type of erotic practice is not always easy. Indeed, perhaps among the BDSM practices, the money slave is perhaps the most difficult to fully understand precisely because it lacks any contact and any gratification from a sexual point of view. Even the money slave like every practice has its own rules. For example, the slave may not be sentimentally free, he may have a wife and children and obviously this complicates the continuous expenses of money to be justified to the family. The contact between slave and mistress takes place via the Internet, or on special dedicated forums or through a social network of those who all frequent, Facebook or Instagram. After the contact and the choice, the slave begins to sacrifice himself for his mistress. The mistress responds to these sacrifices with benevolent concessions: nothing exceptional, a photo or showing herself on cam, perhaps dressed for the purpose of not intimacy at all and therefore sex between the two protagonists. It may also happen that money slave and money mistress meet to go shopping! Obviously the mistress buys what she wants with the credit card of her slave who is happy and satisfied and who is also gratified by her mistress perhaps by wearing something that he has previously given her. For the layman and the inexperienced, the lack of intimacy to achieve makes it really difficult to understand and motivate behaviors, especially that of the slave and for obvious reasons. Unlike sadomasochistic practices in which, however, intimacy is present and necessary to unleash the trust between the two that allows the carrying out of practices even at the limit of danger.
Here, on the other hand, the slave spends on the mistress everything he can and sometimes even what he could not, until all his assets are wasted.

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The money slave in Italy

While in the United States the money slave is spreading mainly on forums, in Italy it is spreading in particular in the world of social networks. It is through these channels that man often finds his mistress and begins to pay all kinds of whims: travel, flowers and expensive gifts but also money. In return, he receives sexual humiliations, verbal offenses and aggressive behavior and only occasionally some benevolent concessions, a smile, a chat, a video call, always without any sexual satisfaction in return.
But in the end the money slave likes this: to be humiliated and to top it off with really strong offenses! Money slaves are truly treated as doormats by mistresses and take pleasure in top-up their bank accounts with PayPal, wire transfers or telephone top-ups.