Maddalena Corvaglia, from sexy tissue to perfect mom

Maddalena Corvaglia was paparazzi while dedicating herself to a relaxing day in a Milan Luna Park in the company of her daughter Jamie Carlyn, she had in 2011 by her husband Stef Burns, American guitarist of Vasco Rossi's band.

Both with the face made up of a kitten, on the occasion of the Carnival, just ended, they tried the various attractions of the Milanese amusement park. For the occasion, the former blonde tissue wore a pair of soft black and white striped trousers matched with the leather biker jacket and ankle boots, while the little girl, more and more like her mother, wore a black and pink shirt to match the kitten ears. Gone are the days when Maddalena danced on the counter of Strip the News together with her friend and colleague Elisabetta Canalis, now the Apulian showgirl has eyes only for her Jamie.

Maddalena Corvaglia and little Jamie Carlyn