Face pulsed light: pros and cons of this epilation method

The pulsed face light should guarantee the definitive disappearance of the hated hair that we often find on the face: mustache, chin hair, sideburns etc ... who would not want to get rid of them forever? But to understand if it is really effective and is right for us, we have created this guide to also choose the best pulsed light epilator. First, however, we want to leave you to watch a video with some tricks to prevent irritation after hair removal.

What is face pulsed light?

To understand what pulsed light is specifically for the face, we must first make an excursus on the hair. The hair has always been considered an imperfection of the woman's body that ruins female beauty in all respects. Even if we are not particularly d " according to this definition, we know that if for some the sight of the hair is not disturbing, for others it is of fundamental importance to get rid of it.
Eliminating the hair is easy to create irritation, moreover in the areas where they are removed (think of the armpits) sweating increases and bad smells can form. The hair has a bulb that is in constant activity, so if we use the classic methods of hair removal such as the razor, the hair will continue to grow; this is where the pulsed light comes into play and acts precisely on the "life" of the bulb, definitively eliminating the hair.

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Face pulsed light: the difference with the laser

For all the reasons mentioned in the previous paragraph, women are increasingly choosing methods of definitive hair removal, leaving out rasose, depilatory cream and so on. The doubts and concerns related to a permanent hair removal method such as pulsed light face, over the years have been largely put aside also and above all thanks to the best technologies used on the epilator market.

The main and most famous methods of definitive hair removal are laser hair removal and pulsed light, two very different but similar techniques, which have in common above all the way of acting on the hair. Through a selective photothermolysis, that is a sort of "electric bombardment" discharged on the hair through a beam of ultraviolet light, which is superheated until it is rendered helpless. The bulb in this way is no longer able to give birth to the hair, at least for a long time in the case of pulsed light. The substantial difference with the laser in fact, lies in the duration of the treatment: on the one hand the pulsed light that allows you to have a smooth skin for at least 2 or 3 months and on the other the laser which instead guarantees more lasting results, up to 1 year. .

Before continuing, it is important to underline that the professional pulsed light, as well as the professional laser, can be used both on the face to permanently epilate unwanted hair, but also on the body, legs, arms and groin.

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Pulsed light face and waxing

Waxing is a good hair removal method which has a long lasting effect because it eradicates the hair from the root; in this way, the hairs plucked with wax tend to grow back after at least 2/3 weeks even if it is very subjective and changes from woman to woman. The pull does not have a definitive action on the hair, it certainly weakens it, and if done constantly, waxing can lead to results in terms of hair reduction. In any case, the bulb remains alive and well, so it continues its cycle. Of the classic hair removal and hair removal methods, waxing is the most recommended especially because it allows you to get rid of the hair for a longer period than the razor.

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Face pulsed light is an epilating method

We would like to specify that face pulsed light is an epilatory and non-depilatory method. But what's the difference? Epilating also means acting on the bulb to stop its production of hair, while with the term depilation it means going to act on the hair without touching the bulb. Laser and pulsed light are examples of hair removal, while the razor is the classic example of hair removal.

Before undergoing the definitive hair removal sessions, you must be convinced of your choice, above all because it will not be possible to go back. In addition, a certain amount of consistency is required because one session will not be enough.

The number of sessions to remove hair is very subjective and depends on the area to be treated, the type of hair and skin; to begin to act on the weakening of the hair bulb you go from 3/4 to 10 sessions. The stronger, darker and more rigid the hair, the more the pulsed light has an effect. It will take more sessions if the hair is light and fragile, because the working principle of professional pulsed light acts the more the hair is strong and visible.

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Face pulsed light: what are the benefits?

  • The professional pulsed light and the laser guarantee the elimination of unwanted hair up to 80%. With each session the hair grows thinner and weaker and less and less quickly.
  • Laser and pulsed light do not inflame the hair follicles as often happens with razor and waxing. So the risk of irritation is very low and much less invasive for the skin. A hint of redness may appear after the session, but it disappears on its own within a few hours.
  • For the reasons explained above, ingrown hairs, skin irritations and dermatitis are less frequent.
  • Even if the pain is a very subjective aspect, the laser and the pulsed light are less painful than the depilatory strips and the dear old razor: the sensation of heat emitted by the light beam disappears after a few minutes from the end of the session.
  • Modern technologies combined with professional machinery allow us to act with the utmost precision, especially if we decide to do these treatments in specialized centers.

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Main disadvantages of face pulsed light

  • One of the main disadvantages is that these treatments are "sold" as perms, but in reality it would be more honest to define them as long-lasting treatments: it takes more sessions to obtain lasting results, depending on the areas of the face and body to be treated.
  • Both laser and pulsed light are expensive. Much depends on the area: the larger the area, the higher the price. On the other hand, we want to break a lance in favor of beauty centers because used professional machines require a lot of care and maintenance (this explains the reason for the price).
  • Pulsed light is not suitable for all types of hair and skin. The maximum effectiveness is obtained with dark hair on fair skin, because in this case the hair will be absolutely visible. Otherwise on dark or tanned complexions, there is the risk of ruining the surrounding epidermis, creating spots and skin alterations.
  • Laser and pulsed light are treatments to be avoided in the presence of moles, tattoos, scars and varicose veins.
  • Sun exposure is prohibited before treatment, but also for the following 7-10 days.
  • Laser and pulsed light sessions are not recommended during pregnancy.

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Face pulsed light: which one to choose?

Wanting to sum up a little of what has been said so far, the pulsed light face is a valid permanent hair removal method, especially if you have a dark and resistant hair that is easily identified by the beam of light emitted by the machine. How to choose then the pulsed light suited to your needs among all the proposals on the market? Here are some tips for purchases.

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