5 economical ideas to renovate your living room

Have you been thinking of redecorating your home for a while but you don't have time or too much money to invest? Don't worry, we have the solution! Here are our 5 favorite items to decorate your home in a simple and immediate but above all economic way!
Discover the latest design trends and make your home more welcoming with a few simple gestures.

We have selected 5 inexpensive furniture items that will transform the look of your living room!

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Himalayan salt lamp

Made of totally natural material, so the weight, size, color and shape of each salt lamp are different. When turned on, the lamp naturally emits negative ions to counteract radiation and purify the air from moisture.
The salt lamp can be used for decoration, lighting, purification and meditation, which is suitable for various places such as bedroom, living room, office, study.
The orange light helps relieve eye strain and relax you.

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Luminous LED lettering

The illuminated writing is an elegant piece of furniture for the home. The metal letters with warm white LED light decorate the rooms with a retro touch, for the living room, dining room or corridor.
A great way to welcome those who come home after a grueling day at work. It has holes in the back that make it possible to use it as a wall decoration.

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Set of 3 wall shelves

The ideal accessory for displaying photos, candles, decorations or for storing objects that could be annoying if scattered around the house.
No visible brackets for a contemporary and clean style, suitable for any room in the house.
Ideal for mirrors, books and ornaments, they are easy to attach (fixing accessories are included).

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Inflatable armchair pouf

To integrate your sofa, or if you dream of a soft corner of your own, perhaps to read or play with your dog or cat.
An inflatable and transportable armchair lined in soft velvety fabric that costs less than 25 euros!
We love it!

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Velvet effect throw

Enter the house and enjoy the immediate sense of warmth that this very soft throw will give you just by looking at it.
In warm flannel that will warm you while you watch your favorite TV series. Perfect for indoor and outdoor use to give you warmth when you are cold, at home or in the garden and even for camping and picnics