Hunziker: "I'm in seventh heaven"

Michelle Hunziker, who gave birth to the little Sun last 10 October, spoke about her new life as an encore mother: “We are in seventh heaven. It had been a long time since I wanted to experience the thrill of being a mother for the second time. Now I hold the little Sun in my arms. There are hardly any words to express these moments. Dad Tomaso is very good, very tender and above all very well prepared. Auri is crazy about her sister. "These are the words that the presenter of Strip the News he declared during a recent interview and that they reveal the immense joy with which Michelle is living this special period of her life, which will soon see her get married with her Tomaso Trussardi.

However, the Swiss showgirl immediately returned to work despite the recent birth; in these days, in fact, we can see her on the counter of Striscia alongside Piero Chiambretti and the new showgirls, who have undermined the "poor tissues", victims of the "low audience (here you can see the new showgirls of Striscia la Notizia)." Michelle wants to show all Italian women that pregnancy is not a disease, and if she feels like going back to work already, she's doing very well ”, said Michelle's partner.

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