Hair filler: the top remedy for fine, brittle and thinning hair!

If you also have fine hair, devoid of body and volume, perhaps even a little thin in some areas, you may find here the definitive solution to all your problems!
Let's talk about hair filler, the new aesthetic medical technique, which allows you to find the health and well-being of your hair as well as thick and full-bodied hair in a short time and in a definitive way!

Who certainly does not have these problems is this woman who amazes with a real record-breaking hair: 16 meters of hair! Watch it in the video.

Hair filler: what it is and how it works

When we talk about hair filler, of course we are not referring to a "filler" for hair, or a real filler like those used for the face, but to a hyaluronic acid filler, which is used as a carrier of the so-called biomimetic peptides: a composition of active ingredients capable of revitalizing pre-existing hair and inducing the growth of new ones as well as increasing the diameter of the existing hair and stopping its loss.

These peptides - in particular we refer to the decapeptide, the octapeptide and the oligopeptides - have been known for many years, but only now has it been possible, thanks to a preparation of American origin, to condense them into a hyaluronic acid vehicle.

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Hair fillers: expert opinion

In order to better explain this new and revolutionary technique, which promises not only to slow down a "possible hair loss, but also to stimulate its regrowth and make those present more gorssi and healthy, we consulted Professor Giuseppe Sito, doctor and cosmetic surgeon. operating in Turin, Milan and Naples, effective member of the Societé Francaise de Chirurgie Esthetique Francaise, in Paris, of the Italian Society of Aesthetic Surgery and of the Italian Society of Surgery, as well as emeritus member of the American Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery.

Professor, why are these peptides so precious for hair health and how are they actually conveyed?
The peptides used in the hair filler represent a set of low molecular weight amino acids and are the initial constituents of a protein, therefore something extremely natural and biological. The method is extremely simple: four sessions of micro-injections are carried out, in the most affected areas or in those that you want to thicken, one every fortnight. At the end of the cycle it will be possible to clearly observe a strengthening of the hair, the arrest of the fall and an initial regrowth, which will consolidate over the physiological times. After the micro-injections you can safely return to your occupations without any problem, just waiting for the new hair.

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One of the other most innovative methods for hair thickening is the PRP technique (method of regenerative medicine, based on the properties of the growth factors present in our blood capable of stimulating the activity of stem cells of the hair bulbs still present, but silent. or suffering): can these two practices be combined?
Absolutely yes. This method and this preparation of biomimetic peptides combine perfectly with the treatment with PRP, being able to constitute a preparation for it and a continuation and offers no risks or side effects.

The cost of each hair filler session is approximately 250 euros.

In addition to medical-aesthetic treatments like this one, extensions and cosmetic products that can help you make fine hair more full-bodied, the hairstyle also has its importance.
There are some that, more than others, help to make the hair appear fuller and more voluminous. Discover them in our gallery!

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