Hair extensions: what you need to know

Hair extensions: what are they?

It's very simple: the hairdresser adds strands of natural or synthetic hair to lengthen or give volume to your hair. The biggest difficulty is finding the right locks for the type and color of your hair, so that the result is as natural as possible.

The technique

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The hairdresser applies the extensions at a distance of about 0.5 cm from the root of your natural hair and fixes them with keratin, a substance that hardens and becomes imperceptible when drying. keratin it is a waterproof protein that makes hair firm. In its natural state it is contained in the epidermis and in the capillary fibers. Did you know that thanks to keratin your hair can withstand up to 10 kilos of weight?

How long they last?

The duration of the extensions depends on the quality of the strands. Good quality extensions can last up to 5 months while basic extensions last approximately 2 months.

How to take care of extensions

Hair with extensions requires more attention. You don't have to change your shampoo, but you will need to wash your hair at least 3 times a week and do a mask at least once a week. To avoid knots, don't forget to brush your hair often. Once a month it is also recommended to go back to the hairdresser to remove the hair that has become entangled in the keratin.

    And once your hair is long, here are some hairstyle ideas!

    What are the risks to your hair?

    Extensions are not totally harmless to the hair. The biggest risk is that the strands added by the hairdresser will suffocate your natural hair. Less oxygenated, your hair can become more brittle and risk breaking more easily.

    A few tricks for your hair in good shape

    How much?

    It is worth asking for a quote

    directly to the hairdresser, above all because it depends on the type of locks he will use and the amount you want. Also remember to ask for the price and then remove them.

    Our advice: if you don't want to apply extensions and keep them for months but only for an evening, why not use clip extensions that can be applied at home, without having to spend money? They are now found everywhere and of any quality and can cost as little as 1 euro per strand.

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