Galanti's ex: "Claudia, come back to me. Buti isn't rich enough for you!"

Arnaud Mimran, ex of Claudia Galanti, with whom he closed a few months ago, has decided to win back the Paraguayan showgirl, currently engaged to the entrepreneur Tommaso Buti, and to do so, Mimran has decided to publicly release some very questionable statements with which he hopes to persuade his former partner and mother of his children to return to him.

"Breaking up was not my choice. I know I'm complicated, but for 5 years we never fought. In June, however, we started arguing often, then worse and worse. One day Claudia said to me:" I want to separate " Once, twice, three times. "I let her go ...", said the forty-two-year-old billionaire, who continues: "For about six months before the crisis, I had a difficult time. I was especially nervous about some investments that did not go as I wanted. I was worried and she did not understand: after giving birth she wanted to go back to worldly life immediately". After the financial crash it seems to have followed excessive economic requests from Galanti, which the entrepreneur could no longer satisfy as in the past, but now he admits: "I'll give her what she wants: no problem. I love her." Too bad that Claudia seems to have already turned the page, being busy with Buti, a well-known tombeur de femmes, who in the past broke into the hearts of many starlets in our house.

Mimran, however, does not give up and indeed believes that Buti is not for Galanti, and his motivations in this regard are rather "original", to put it mildly: "For me it is not true that he is engaged to Claudia. Also this summer he was my guest ... Someone said that Claudia wants to make me jealous. But even when we were together she always had a very close relationship with Tommaso. is the man for her, no good. Claudia is not stupid: it is not possible. He doesn't have enough money. It's not "Claudia style''.

Perhaps the declarations made by Mimran are not exactly the winning weapon to win back the great love of his life, which does not come out in the best way. Better to try the old method of romanticism, Arnaud! We just have to wait for the next ones. rumors to know the future of the couple.

Claudia Galanti and Arnaud Mimran