Cat age: how to calculate the human age of your beloved feline friend

The age of the cats is purely a matter of age. Your cat will probably be active, playful and vital even when he is an adult. However, by reading this article you will discover how to calculate his age and what are the characteristics of each phase of his life. If you love cats you absolutely must know them better, theirs is a world full of surprises: get ready to discover many curious news by watching this video we have selected for you!

The age of cats: how to calculate it quickly and easily

Everyone knows that to calculate the age of a dog it is enough to multiply each of its years by the number seven. In that way you will have a comparison between the human years and those of the dog. As you can see, calculating the age of a dog is not difficult, but calculating the age of the cat is certainly less known. When can a kitten be considered an adult? And when is a cat considered an elderly cat? And how long can a domestic cat live on average? Continue reading this article and discover many curiosities about cats but above all learn to calculate the correspondence in terms of age between humans and felines. When it comes to the life expectancy of cats we must take into account several factors, starting from the place where they live, from the care and attention they receive every day and of course from his health conditions. Surely a "healthy and well balanced diet helps your cat as well as a" daily physical activity help to make him feel fit. Beyond all these factors i making a statistic a cat lives on average between 10 and 15 years, cats in the wild live less than domestic ones because they can suffer more accidents or injuries.

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Age of cats: how to calculate it and how to understand how old your cat is since you adopt it

When the cat turns 10, it is considered an elderly cat. It is seen that a cat begins to age because its coat changes and it loses its lucidity.Senior cats sometimes have a little less desire to play and jump and usually tend to sleep more. Surely senior cats have different needs, for example, nutritional, they have to eat slightly lighter foods that suit this. phase of life with reduced energy requirements and that they are digestible and healthy foods.
To find out what age your cat is today, you can follow this simple scheme. The cat's first month corresponds to about 6 human months. When the cat is two or three months old, it would be about 2 -5 human years. At 6 months of feline age, 6-8 years correspond and so on, increasing gradually.
Is your cat 2 years old? In the human world he would be a young man of about 24! Is your cat 5 years old? Imagine it could be about 36 years of human life. A ten-year-old cat is about 56 compared to a man. A 15-year-old cat is a man of about 76 years, and so every 5 years of the feline correspond to about 20 years of man, because a 20-year-old cat for example would have about 96 humans.
This can be a good way to understand the age of your cat, then obviously you must also consider secondary information, such as the breed of the animal or if it was a female if it has already had kittens. In general, pets have a "life expectancy lower than that of humans, dogs and cats live in about 20 years but there are many exceptions based on the breed and recurring health problems or even life expectancy depends on the size and the lifestyle.

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Understanding how old a cat is when adopting as an adult: observing fur, paws and agility and how it interacts with the environment

Those who adopt an adult cat are often faced with the question of what age the feline is. First of all, to understand how old the cat is, it is good to observe it, as always happens with animals. See how long it takes to play, if it has a strong hunting instinct and a great desire to play it is probably still a young cat. This is not a universal law, there are cats that do not lose their agility as they get older. So what to look at to determine the age of your cat? The first advice we can give you is to ask your trusted veterinarian for an opinion, who will be able to identify the feline's years by making an accurate analysis of its physical and muscular structure, looking at the paws. and the eyes.
When the vet tells you the age of the cat, then you can have fun converting his years into a human age and understand your new friend what human age he is! In the past, the same famous rule of seven years was valid for the cat that applies to the dog. But then it was realized that this rule does not work for the cat, in reality not even for the dog it is so precise. Cats have a "life expectancy ranging from 10 to 15 years, some even reach 20! The thing to keep in mind is that growth is never homogenous. In the first two years the kittens grow very fast, then they stabilize. In the first year of life, therefore, the cat turns about 15 human years. Then after two years the growth becomes linear and every feline year is about 4-5 years of man. In general, remember that a cat is senior after 10 years which in human counting correspond to about 56 years of ours.
With this simple way of counting cat years it will be really easy for you to understand the age of your cat and its possible age in human years!

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Age of cats: other characteristics that affect the life span of cats, from breeds to lifestyle

As we said before, there are many different factors that affect the life expectancy of cats. They range from the environment they live in, to the diet and nutrition they can rely on. But the life span of a cat also depends on the breed, on its genetic predisposition and in general on its health conditions, like of course human beings. A feral cat, which is free and lives, sleeps and eats outdoors is prone to a greater number of accidents and illnesses, has no medical treatment and therefore ages sooner than it can be for a domestic cat. If a cat has chronic or long-term illnesses, its life expectancy decreases and the same can be said for all those cats who are overweight, obese or diabetic, which causes premature aging of at least 3 or 5 years. compared to a healthy cat of the same age. Cat lovers are well aware that aging and lifespan are also linked to the breed of our cat: the European cat has a life expectancy of about 13-18 years. The European cat is also the most common in homes. Some breeds live longer than European cats, think of Siamese, Ragdoll and Burmese who have a longer life expectancy that can even reach 25 years of age. Persian cats have a lower average life expectancy, for this type of cats the average life span is between 10 and 14 years.
If you adopt a cat of a few months it is easy to find your way around: but if your foundling is more than two years old, ask your veterinarian for help: knowing the age of your cat is important in order to ensure that it is fed, treated and attentively his real age. And then, from a purely emotional point of view, animal lovers don't care what age their cat is, whether a few months or many years, as well as which of the many breeds it is ... if it is your cat then for you is the most beautiful in the world, a fluff to cuddle like a kitten even when it is an adult or elderly!

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