ElenaTee: "I couldn't do without concealer, taupe eyeshadow and blush"

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For those who don't know you: tell us a little about yourself

I'm Elena, I'm 32, I'm from Milan and I've been living in Florence for several years. I decided to start my YouTube adventure for a real need. I was recently in Florence, I had two small girls and, being at home for a long time, away from my closest friends and relatives, I needed to carve out my own space and have some chat with women.

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What does beauty mean for you?

For me, beauty is the mere expression of oneself. Beauty is synonymous with self-confidence and self-awareness, but also with care.

What are the beauty products you can't do without?

Definitely the concealer, taupe and blush eyeshadow (but also mascara).

© ElenaTee

Have you tried the new L’Oreal Paris color: what left you most satisfied?

The naturalness of the reflections of the coloring and the good coverage of the (for now few) white hair.

How did you find yourself in addressing the topic of coloring in a video? How was it received by your followers?

It was well received, the subscribers know that I dye my hair cyclically, and they have long wanted to see the various steps of home made coloring.

Would you give us your "3 tips" for those who want to try a do-it-yourself coloring for the first time?

Definitely: don't forget to wear gloves! (laughs, ed) Then remember to do the allergy test in a small area of ​​the skin as suggested in the leaflet, and as a third piece of advice I suggest you do it with a friend: too funny.

© ElenaTee

Watch also ElenaTee's video, which you can find below!