All the women who have won the Oscar in its 92nd edition

The 92nd edition of the Oscars was held in the night. A magical moment, the ultimate goal of the insiders. Everyone, from the director to the actress, from the costume designer to the singer, rigorously in sumptuous garments, parade towards the station from which they will attend the most prestigious awards ceremony of the year.

A few weeks ago, we at alfemminile told you about the gender problem affecting the Academy Awards.In this regard, in fact, actress Natalie Portman has chosen to wear a dress with the names of the directors cut off from the awards ceremony. Today even more, then, we want to celebrate the actresses, directors, artists and, first of all, the women who have seen their merit recognized, taking home the coveted gold statuette.

Laura Dern: versatility and determination

There is Laura Dern, one of the most favorite at first, who won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for her performance in "Marriage Story". A woman who has been able to play the role of a ruthless feminist lawyer, transmitting all the determination that distinguishes her even off the screen. A more than deserved recognition if we consider the almost spontaneous versatility with which Laura passes from one character to another, as in Greta Gerwig's "Little Women", where, instead, she transforms into a loving and caring mother, capable of managing four daughters. so different without falling into favoritism. The actress, who was awarded on her birthday, addresses her parents, to whom she dedicates the award with the following words: "Some say they never meet your heroes, but I say that, if you are really lucky, you can have them as parents ”.

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Renée Zellweger and Judy Garland: two women in search of redemption

But it is Renée Zellweger who won the Oscar for best leading actress for "Judy", a sensational tribute to Judy Garland, captured in her last intense and painful months of life. It is the first time that Renée has won the Oscar as a protagonist. Thus her story and that of Judy come together in a design for redemption: the first from her role as Bridget Jones, to whom, for years, she has been bound and for which a morbid attention has been sparked towards her appearance. physical, the second, on the other hand, from the oblivion to which she had been relegated after a short life, but lived at 360 °. Renèe managed to stage all the fragility of Judy, the woman of “Over the Rainbow”, the unforgettable soundtrack of the “Wizard of Oz”. An artist exploited and then snubbed by an industry that did not know how to value her for what she was and, for this reason, in the end, her body, suffocated by alcohol and pills which she abused to forget the pain, did not hold up and we left prematurely. It is to her, whose legacy she wanted to celebrate, that the actress decides to turn her thoughts to during the "acceptance of the award." Miss Garland, you are certainly among the heroes who unite us and define us, and this is precisely for you, I am immensely grateful to you ”.

But let's not forget about all the others!

However, there is not only acting. Cinema is a complex sector and behind what we see, the final product, there is a whole world without which no film would be possible. The direction, the costumes, the soundtracks, this year's celebration saw women triumph without necessarily being actresses.

We want to remember, in fact, the name of Hildur Guonadottir, the Icelandic composer who won the Oscar for best soundtrack in "Joker"; Jacqueline Durran, British costume designer who was awarded the Best Costume Design Award in the film “Little Women”; Julia Reichert, the director who, alongside her colleagues Steven Bognar and Jeff Reichert, won the Oscar for best documentary for "American Factory," produced by the Obama production company; Karen Rupert Toliver, co-producer who, together with director Matthew Cherry, collected the award for the best short with "Hair Love", an animated film designed to move, celebrating diversity and, finally, the names of Elena Andreicheva and Carol Dysinger who, respectively in the role of producer the first and director the second, were awarded for the best documentary short film with "Learning to skateboard in a warzone (if you're a girl)", focused on the difficulties that girls must face from an early age growing up in Afghanistan.

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