Lemme diet: those who have tried it tell us their testimony. (And what a testimony!)

By now we hear a lot about the Lemme Diet, but often, we have a "vague and imprecise idea of ​​this food philosophy that many think is based only on the exclusive consumption of carbohydrates and proteins. We asked for opinions on a follower of the diet. Doctor Lemme, to get to know more in depth the outline and basic principles of the food philosophy of the moment and to understand if it really works, considering the skepticism and the climate of criticism with which it was received from the beginning. Below you can find the testimony of a user, Stefano Mannino, CTO of a "company operating in the computer world, who has been following Dr. Lemme's diet for a few months: from the outline of the first and second phase to the principles on which stands, up to the examples of menus and the tastiest recipes from which to take inspiration. Here is information and curiosities about the food philosophy of the moment, much loved by VIPs and personalities from the world of entertainment.
Before starting, we offer you some important and particularly useful tips if you are thinking of starting a diet soon:

Now let's see how Stefano Mannino's experience went.

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1. What prompted you to choose the Lemme diet? And how did you find out?

Years ago I had heard of Dr. Lemme, but what prompted me to make an appointment with him was seeing him on television as a guest at an episode of Sunday Live. I have always fought with weight, but that afternoon I was very desperate because obesity seemed like a problem from which I would never get out, because every diet I followed had always made me lose weight and then inexorably made me buy back everything with interest. Seeing this somewhat bizarre man on television, disputed by everyone, but who brought concrete results, I thought "what do I have to lose? what he says could be true and it could really get me out of this tunnel. ”So the next day I checked out his website and a few days later I phoned his secretary to make an appointment.

2. How long have you been following this type of diet? What are the main benefits you have gained from it? What about any drawbacks you ran into?

It is wrong to talk about diet, that of dr. Lemme is a Food Philosophy. I have been following this philosophy since July 11. It is a path that consists of 2 phases, the first phase aimed at weight loss and the second phase aimed at nutritional education, in order not to gain weight and become a dietician of oneself. My phase 1 lasted 6 months in which I lost 27 kg, today I have been in phase 2 for about a month and I am learning how to eat freely, what I want, what I like without getting fat.

The main advantages I have drawn from this philosophy are:
- the loss of 27 Kg
- being slimmed down while keeping the skin toned, without sagging skin
- having improved my muscle tone (without exercising)
- being lost in the right places (mainly hips and stomach)
- blood pressure regularization (I had high blood pressure, today I am 115/70)
- regularization of the intestine
- regularization of sleep
- perfect blood tests (total cholesterol dropped from 250 to 189)
- more energies
- a general sense of well-being
- I no longer needed any medication and ... it may be a coincidence but this winter I didn't even have a small cold.

Disadvantages? Nobody! Of course at the beginning I had to change some of my habits, but after the first week I was already used to my new eating habits.

3. Have you followed any other diets in the past? If so, what are the main differences you found compared to the Lemme diet?

I met the first dietician when I was 10, and since then I have followed an "infinity of diets. The difference between the Food Philosophy and the other diets is that all the diets I have followed - from the most traditional to the strangest - are real and their diets of deprivation. That is, they aim at slimming due to "malnutrition": slimming is therefore induced through a smaller quantity of nutrients and the body is therefore forced to draw on the reserves of fat in order to survive. This "malnutrition" inevitably leads to a state general suffering, physical and psychological, which is partially compensated by the results of weight loss, but which is difficult to sustain for a long time. Even when you manage to get to the bottom of a diet of this type it is then impossible not to regain the weight. Food Philosophy is different. Weight loss is not produced by malnutrition, it is not induced by the suffering of our organism, but it is produced by the bi food chemist. Following the Food Philosophy we eat in abundance, and above all we eat tasty and satisfying foods, and we are therefore psychologically more satisfied. Even during the weight loss phase you do not suffer, but you lose weight by eating plenty.

4. Can you tell us the typical menu of your day?

It is difficult to talk about a "typical menu", as with the Food Philosophy every day is different, it is not like all the diets you see around where you eat a cup of semi-skimmed milk with two rusks for breakfast, salad for lunch and bresaola and vegetable soup for dinner (you can't imagine how many times I have eaten like this with traditional diets).

With the Food Philosophy of dr. Lemme every day is new; every day we are called to use our creativity together with the notions taught by dr. Lemme to eat with taste and satisfaction and to heal oneself with food.

More than a typical menu, I can tell you what I ate yesterday:
- breakfast: a nice slice of pizza
- lunch: tagliatelle with cream and salmon
- dinner: sole in butter with a side dish of sautéed bean sprouts

My menu today instead includes:
- breakfast: ice cream
- lunch: zucchini stuffed with meat
- dinner: beef rolls stuffed with sea bass

Obviously these dishes are not industrial products, full of preservatives or food additives, but they are dishes prepared by me according to the teachings of the doctor, except the pizza that I bought directly at the laboratory of dr. Lemme.

5. What advice would you like to give to a person who is approaching this type of diet?

To those who are about to approach the Lemme Food Philosophy, I recommend first of all to read the new book by dr. Lemme "The Slimming Revolution" where in addition to many explanations, you can also find the menu to try a week of the first phase path. Then, after reading the book, I advise you to strictly follow all of Dr. Lemme's instructions, to follow his seminars which are quite enlightening and to participate in the cooking courses of the Academy of Food Philosophy that teach how to cook for weight loss and to heal yourself. with food.

6. How has your life changed since following this type of diet?

Since I have been following Food Philosophy, I am fine both physically and psychologically, but above all I experience food as a joy and no longer as an enemy.

7. What do you think of Dr. Lemme's media exposure?

I think dr. Lemme is fighting an important battle to understand how wrong concepts exist in traditional medicine and how the many economic interests of the system lead medicine to adopt protocols aimed at having more and more paying patients rather than healthy people. The dr. Lemme is exposing himself a lot and in the first person. I am grateful for this exposition because otherwise I probably would never have known him. The means he uses, although they may be unconventional for such an important message, allow him to reach a large number of people, all those people who are "slaves" to the system and who would certainly never buy a treatise on food biochemistry.

8. Given Doctor Lemme's rather volcanic nature, have you ever come to have any little disagreements with him? What does it look like outside the living room of Canale 5?

Although it has a volcanic character, Dr. Lemme is a professional and an honest person. Of course I too once took a hit of "beast!" when I confessed to having gained weight following a cheat, but I was not offended, on the contrary, after we had a good laugh, in fact I had gone astray and I had had a right consequence. I've always thought that dr. Lemme was not only able to use food biochemistry, but also to stimulate people to love each other. When at the first interview he called me "fat" and told me I had a bull neck, I certainly couldn't blame him, but this thing made me think a lot in the following months, making me appreciate the results I obtained. So I would say that dr. Lemme, outside the living room of Canale 5, presents himself as a great professional, who not only cares, but educates and instructs his cadets to make them become independent in loving each other and staying healthy.

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