What to bring on a cruise: our tips so you don't forget everything you need

How wonderful to travel. Changing environment over a period of time, getting to know new places, breathing different air. But what a mess every time you have to pack your suitcase! You are always afraid of forgetting essential items and occupying the space you have available with something else that will not be so useful. Here you will find all the advice you need before the trip to your long-dreamed cruise, but first look at these tricks to pack everything in your suitcase!

Destination that you go, suitcase that you prepare!

Before you fidget and fill your suitcase with random items, you need to know what is forbidden to bring aboard ships. In addition to the destination, which will be the first discriminating factor, which we will talk about shortly, you must also consider other factors, such as the events you want to participate in: shows, gala dinners, sports activities and excursions. Again, a lot depends on the duration of the trip; in fact, even if you can find everything on the ship, the prices are a bit higher.

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Of course, before you start making a list of essential items to pack, you need to consider your destination. If the itinerary of your cruise trip touches the warm countries of the Mediterranean, making you dream of the heat and the sunniest beaches, your luggage must be light, with sunscreen and a sea bag ready for use!

If, on the other hand, you have decided to take a break during the year and your cruise is in autumn-winter, it is the perfect time to visit cities and cultures. That is why comfortable shoes, waterproofs and a pocket umbrella are essential to have on hand!

In addition to the climate of your destination, you must also take into account the destination itself. If you are a lover of Northern Europe, do not forget your trekking shoes and clothing suitable for excursions and sightseeing. If, on the other hand, you love exotic destinations, from the Caribbean to the Maldives, what you need are tropical climate clothing, with waterproof clothing for any rains, but above all swimsuit, sarong, sun protection.

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Good to know: weight and baggage delivery

The weight and size of your suitcase varies according to the trip, whether it includes a flight or not. In this case, check the rules to be respected in your airline. If your holiday begins directly when you are about to board, the number of bags varies and, even in this case, we recommend that you consult the company you are traveling with.

Don't worry about the weight of your suitcase, because you won't have to drag it. In fact, thanks to the labels that will be sent to you together with your cruise ticket, the Company will take care of it, up to the change that will be due to you. Remember to keep personal affections and everyday medicines in a handbag, everything you might need during boarding.

What to bring on the cruise: essential clothing

On board you will already find some essentials such as towels, bathroom sets, beach towels and hairdryers. A dispassionate advice? Leave room for souvenirs! The cruise is a wonderful experience, collecting wonderful memories is almost a duty.

Returning to cruise clothing, consider, as we have said, all the possible and hypothetical situations that require a different suit. Light and thin clothes, comfortable hiking shoes, swimwear and flip flops if your trip is in the summer and you want to indulge yourself. "to relax by the pool or by the sea. For the evening, however, there may be special occasions that include an elegant dress, such as gala evenings, or you can freely choose the outfit you prefer.
Tip: bring at least two evening dresses with matching shoes. Also, do not miss a sweater or jacket, for air-conditioned environments, which will not be missing.

The same goes for Northern Europe as a destination, where temperatures are lower. Do not forget the raincoat, ready for thunderstorms or sudden rains, especially in the Caribbean. If your destination is towards places of worship, remember to dress appropriately and with the utmost respect for the respective religions and cultures.

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What to bring on a cruise: accessories not to be forgotten

Often inserted among the forgotten big ones in the suitcase, accessories must not be missing to complete your outfit, daily or evening. Hat to shelter from the sun, glasses, sun creams: these are accessories that should not be overlooked because, even if you can easily find them on board or on the road, the prices are much higher and it is a shame when you already have all these.

Absolutely not to be forgotten for your trip: camera, to immortalize the most magical moments of the cruise, the chargers of the essential devices you have with you, toiletries for personal hygiene, medicines and possibly laundry detergents if you have the "need to wash something.

Think about your free time: bring with you a book if you love reading, a deck of cards or comfortable and pocket-sized board games to spend a pleasant holiday in the company of your fellow adventurers.

Absolutely do not forget your personal documents and the confirmation of the travel reservation, otherwise you risk having problems when you have to board! Along with the documents, also bring your passport with you: especially with specific destinations - such as the capitals of the North - it is essential!

After having prepared what you need for your dream cruise, don't forget to enjoy until the last moment of this unforgettable experience and give yourself the right amount of relaxation!

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