Mulled wine red hair, the coolest trend for red lovers!

After having cleared the fallayage among the coolest colors of autumn, hair fashion 2018 is not long in electing its replacement. It is called mulled wine, or mulled wine hair, the hair color destined to become popular in winter 2018 and consists of a warm and enveloping red that recalls the wine of the same name, a typical tasty and spicy drink, to be sipped at cold temperatures and preferably in a festive and Christmas atmosphere.

Intense and decisive, this red with cherry and purple shades is the ideal color to show off at parties, to warm up the cold winter atmospheres with a fashion touch that will give you a unique and irresistible look.

Mulled wine red hair: who is it good for?

Warm and enveloping bordering on the shades of grape pomace and cherry bombre, mulled wine red is the ideal shade for women with a lunar complexion who find in this mix a perfect enhancement of their colors. But do not despair: the warm undertones of which it is characterized, make it a shade also suitable for darker and olive skin. What about the hair base? Black hair or bolder browns are undoubtedly the winning choice, but blondes can also have an easy life, as long as they approach gradually, relying on the hands of expert hairdressers.

For a perfect result, you can opt for a total look on the entire hair or limit yourself to simple shades on tips and lengths for a softer and more glam-chic result. To you the choice!

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Balayage: the best technique to show off the red mulled wine color!

If you want to show it only on the lengths, opt for the balayage technique, the ideal for an elegant and effective result that will not completely distort the look, while guaranteeing you a highly fashionable and original touch. And, not to be underestimated, it will not enslave you to periodic dyes. Here is a video explaining how to specifically make the balayage technique for a cover look!

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