Caterina Balivo criticizes Diletta Leotta, sexy guest of Sanremo 2017. Here is her vitriolic tweet!

Invited by the very crafty Carlo Conti to grab as much public as possible, especially male, Diletta Leotta was the hottest moment of the first evening of Sanremo 2017. After all, not being able to count on the valleys - absent this year - perhaps you wanted to give up showing thighs and miss the opportunity to make a more elegant and less trashy Festival? But not even as a joke. And in fact, Carlo Conti did it with skill, calling on the Ariston stage one of the sexiest women on the Italian television scene. But that's not all. Obviously, always to unleash the hot spirits and raise the audience, the national-popular presenter par excellence he recalled the unpleasant episode in which Leotta was the protagonist, victim of a case of violation of privacy with the consequent diffusion of photos in déshabillé on the net. And it is at this point that Caterina Balivo intervenes, very poisonous, who writes about Twitter a pungent message addressed to the sexy Diletta and her decidedly not chastened outfit.

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In fact, Leotta showed off a sexy dress, consisting of a very tight top and a wide skirt with a deep slit, which the sports journalist did not hesitate to accentuate, to make sure that no one could be deprived of the sight of her thighs.

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