Hybrid cars, the perfect choice for moms in the city


There are more and more proposals from car manufacturers that talk about hybrid, an advantageous and efficient solution and an excellent compromise before the final electric conversion, designated by governments and manufacturers as the future of mobility. Hybrid means that a thermal engine and an electric drive contribute to the traction of the car, and they can do so in three different ways. The more the work of the current unit acquires importance, the lower emissions and consumption, the driving pleasure and also the purchase price increase.

Mild Hybrid

The first step in a hybrid car is the mild hybrid, or light hybrid. The battery that powers the electric motor is small, recharges quickly in release and braking, and the cost of the car differs little and in some cases does not differ at all from the petrol version. The savings for the user in terms of consumption are limited, as is the thermal sprint when performance is required. Mild hybrids cannot travel in pure electric and are recommended for those who travel many kilometers every day: they do not carry excessive weight and over long distances the operating costs are significantly reduced.

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Full Hybrid

The second evolutionary step is the full hybrid or complete hybrid. Also in this case the battery recharges without the need for external intervention, in deceleration and braking. However, it is larger and therefore guarantees an electric mileage of a few kilometers. The heat engine and the electric one, depending on the state of charge of the battery, can work in unison to ensure greater power, or separate. On compact cars it is undoubtedly one of the best solutions for our mothers in the car, especially for those who travel a few kilometers a day, thus having the possibility to drastically reduce costs without committing to an excessive initial expense.

Hybrid plug-in

The maximum degree of hybridization is the plug-in hybrid, or hybrid to be recharged at the power outlet. Here the battery that powers the electric is even larger and guarantees a zero-emission range of up to fifty kilometers. It costs more than the versions of the same model with internal combustion engine. If you travel a few tens of kilometers every day and have the opportunity to recharge at your home, plug-in hybrids allow you to travel always or almost electrically. And then, thanks to the thermal, you have no limits on business trips and pleasure trips with challenging mileage.

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