This is how the beauty of Italy is told to children: with an app!

The app is called Art Stories and was created by two women, Giovanna Hirsch, an expert in social policies and Federica Pascotto, an expert in museum education and teaching. Designed for children aged 3 to 10, this app involves children and teenagers in the discovery of all the artistic beauties that surround us. To begin with, as the "first chapter" the app focuses on the history of the Castello Sforzesco, which is told by its ancient inhabitants, with the Sforza and Leonardo da Vinci who guide the user through the historical events of the symbolic place of the Milanese city. New "episodes" will soon arrive that will explore the other beauties of Italy, from city to city, to ensure that the cultural heritage of the beautiful country is within the reach of the little ones.

An "app full of illustrations and stories, available in both Italian and English that helps to experience history and art with new eyes and with less" boredom ", which often affects the youngest (and not only) in learning moments .

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