Aquarius ascendant Scorpio: characteristics of this zodiac sign according to the horoscope

Are you Aquarius ascendant Scorpio or do you know someone of this zodiac sign and would like to know all the characteristics and affinities in love with the other signs? You have come to the right place! The sign of Aquarius ascendant Scorpio is endowed with originality and depth. Here is all there is to know about this zodiac sign according to the horoscope, and in the meantime, look for the three best adjectives to describe yours in our video:

Aquarius ascendant Scorpio: what are the general characteristics of this zodiac sign?

The Scorpio ascendant Aquarius is a very deep sign, capable of great intuition and at the same time of a special intelligence, which allows him to truly understand the person in front of him, even in a short time.

The zodiac sign of the "Scorpio ascendant Aquarius is characterized by a great originality: those born under this sign are always distinguished by their non-conformism, which is never an end in itself, but always responds to their own personal vision of life. The Scorpio ascendant Aquarius are able to understand every situation on the fly, to empathize with those in front of them, but - at the same time - to remain rational in their choices, always faithful to themselves and their ideals.

The Scorpio ascendant Aquarius have a great relational capacity: they do not struggle at all to make friends, to become the leaders of the group, to fit into any new reality. Yet, at the same time, they remain elusive: they give their true intimacy and their thoughts (so acute, intelligent and profound) only to the people they know they can trust one hundred percent.

In love this sign knows no compromises: when it falls in love it is really very intense and full of passion, it loves to live enthralling, disruptive stories, full of twists. As a good Aquarius, however, he does not give up his freedom, on the contrary: he always loves to cultivate his solitude. Sometimes the Scorpio ascendant can create a certain internal conflict in him, so in a relationship he wants to be able to enjoy his autonomy and freedom in every way, but at the same time he proves rather possessive towards his love.

At work, those born under the zodiac sign of Aquarius ascendant Scorpio always have a certain success, and this is because they are skilled in building a network of contacts and take care of their relationships with great professionalism. In addition, their marked intelligence, determination and empathy make them truly indispensable!

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Aquarius Ascendant Scorpio: when an air sign receives the influence of a water sign

The Scorpio ascendant Aquarius balances the characteristics of the signs of air with those of the signs of water, in a mix that is certainly fascinating, although not without some contradictions. The character of Aquarius (and therefore of the sign of air) he is sociable, very creative, nonconformist, idealistic, while the Scorpio ascendant (sign of water) tends to a certain aggressiveness, touchiness, introversion, but also to a deeper capacity for empathy with others.

The person born in the zodiac sign of Aquarius ascendant Scorpio lives this internal contradiction in a state of perennial agitation, as if he always had a new desire for conquest. This sign is hardly satisfied in his life: if he has reached a goal, he does not even celebrate it. , but already look to the next goal!

The ambition of the Scorpio ascendant Aquarius is matched only by his polemical verve: on the one hand he can prove to be very critical of his neighbor, on the other he is often a person ready to devote himself to humanitarian actions, committed at a social level to improve the life of others The ideals of the Scorpio ascendant Aquarius are really very high and if you put something in your head they can also be very enthralling and magnetic.

The risk for those born under this zodiac sign is not to consider too much the opinions of others, convinced as they are of their own and always focused on their goals and ideals, however high and humanitarian. They are not afraid to go against the tide and they don't really care what others think if they are convinced of their own ideas!

The Scorpio ascendant Aquarius are very curious about every aspect of life and can sometimes seem a little self-centered. Even in love there is the risk that they can be accused of selfishness, but they are still very loyal. But be careful not to make them angry because they don't forget ...

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Aquarius ascendant Scorpio in love: the couple's affinities with the other zodiac signs

Let us now consider the couple's affinity in love of the Aquarius Scorpio ascendant with the other signs of the zodiac, bearing in mind, however, that - for a more exact evaluation of the relationship - it would be important to also know the ascendant of the partner.

A Scorpio ascending Aquarius has a good couple affinity with an Aries: both signs are very curious, inquiring into reality, ready to fight for their ideals. There is a risk however, for Aries, of not being able to fully understand such an elusive sign, that he would never allow himself to be dominated as he would like to do ...

The zodiac signs of Aquarius and Taurus are very far from each other, and the Scorpio ascendant of Aquarius would only increase this profound diversity in character and in the way of conceiving and living life: the "Aquarius" risks being too unpredictable for Taurus and Taurus too predictable for Aquarius ... There may be some sexual chemistry, however.

The couple affinity between Aquarius and Gemini is really excellent: in love these two zodiac signs really make sparks! The intellectual exchange is stimulating, so life between the sheets ... The Aquarius ascendant Scorpio, however, must pay attention to put aside his more possessive side.

Between the sign of Aquarius and that of Cancer, according to the "horoscope, there is not a great understanding. Cancer needs too much care and attention that the detached and idealist Aquarius would struggle to give him. The ascendant in Scorpio, in this case could help bring the couple closer.

Aquarius and Leo are two opposite polarities in the zodiac, yet as a couple they work great, even if there is certainly no lack of conflicts: the attraction is certainly strong, but the Aquarius ascendant Scorpio may not tolerate the egotism of the Lion.

The "Aquarius ascending Scorpio and the sign of Virgo have a great understanding from the mental point of view: they are two signs that understand each other perfectly and also work well together. Unfortunately, however, Aquarius could see in Virgo's precision and fussiness. a brake on his innate need to dream and pursue bigger and bigger goals ...

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Aquarius Ascendant Scorpio and Libra, on the other hand, do great in the sheets! Aquarius and Libra are two signs that are in harmony with each other, who are able to gratify each other both mentally and physically. Ascend Scorpio increases passion, but also jealousy ...

The Scorpio ascendant can also help the couple formed by the zodiac signs of Aquarius and Scorpio: in themselves these signs are too different in nature to establish a lasting relationship, but if the Aquarius has the ascendant in Scorpio it will be easier. meet and understand each other.

Between an Aquarius and a Sagittarius, the couple affinity is truly perfect: they are two zodiac signs who love to travel and live new adventures. The Scorpio ascending Aquarius, however, will have to be careful not to make scenes that can make Sagittarius feel trapped, or they will fly far without him!

Ascendant Aquarius Scorpio and Capricorn undoubtedly have a great mental affinity. Their way of dealing with life, however, is radically different, and it is easier for the two to establish a relationship of mutual respect and friendship than a lasting love. However, the Scorpio ascendant makes Aquarius more attracted to Capricorn on the physical plane as well.

Aquarius and Aquarius, according to the horoscope, are not a good match: the relationship is likely to be rather smoky, there is a need for a counterpart that gives the story more solidity and concreteness. Furthermore, the Scorpio ascendant would also risk accentuating aggression in any quarrel, as well as a general distrust.

The Scorpio ascendant Aquarius and those born under the sign of Pisces, finally, may feel a great attraction to each other at first glance, but in the long run Aquarius may find Pisces too overwhelming and Pisces too detached Aquarius.

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