Test: are you ready to be a dad?

Being a parent is one of the most complex, exciting, absurd experiences in life. But if for us women understanding it is a "faster" process, because we carry our child in our womb from the very beginning, for a man it can be a more or less immediate process. Of course, it is not said that we women react immediately with tranquility, we also ask ourselves many doubts despite the fact that nature makes us physically willing to welcome a child inside us. But we also put a lot of it on the person next to us, a little "out of insecurity, a little" because we don't know how to interpret well the reactions of our companions and we fear that they will not dedicate the right time to their children. Even if then, when things are done, we will realize that they are stealing a little too much space, just like that


With these 10 simple questions you can understand where your partner is and if he is finally ready to become a father. Take the test, here it is:

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And you, despite pregnancy or the desire to become a mother, are you ready to be one? Here is another test for you:

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