5 branded t-shirts in promotion to give to your boyfriend for Christmas

Choosing a gift for a boy is always more complicated than choosing one for a girl.
It is easy to fall into the banal and the choice appears to us women, rather small.

Often when Christmas comes, you've already thought about gifts for everyone, including your dad. But your boyfriend and your best friend always come last, perhaps in the hope that you get a "brilliant idea" at the last minute.

But this year we took care of it!
We have chosen 5 branded t-shirts, some of which are up to 29% off.

The good news is that they are all on Amazon and with a simple click, you will have solved a problem, leaving the time you have available for shopping, just for you!

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Levi's T-shirt

This is a classic that can never be missing, a super vintage t-shitr, a great cult of urban style.
Perfect for adding a touch of grit to the classic white t-shirt.
There are more options of colors and designs, but the most classic and famous is the white model with the logo in red.

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Pepe Jeans T-shirt

Another mythical jeans brand famous all over the world.
A true reference point in fashion for everyone: men, women and children.
We really like the contrast of the letters against the black background and you will see that he will like it too!

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Tommy Jeans T-shirt

Tommy Jeans is the most casual clothing line from the Tommy Hilfiger brand. The American clothing brand has been a milestone in fashion for years. In particular, the jeans line is aimed at a young and carefree audience, who likes to wear ripped jeans, t-shirts and sports shoes, far from the Hilfiger's most classic line of polo shirts and sweaters.

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G - Star RAW T-shirt

G Star is the younger brand compared to the previous ones.
Born in 1989 in Amsterdam, it immediately became a reference in the hip-hop style in terms of baggy jeans, t-shirts and sweatshirts (especially oversized).
We have selected a simple model, but of great effect if taken one size up, if your he likes rap, he will love it!

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Vans T-shirt

Vans is the icon of the skate world.
Not surprisingly, although its audience is no longer limited to skaters, but has expanded over the years, the logo is still a small skateboard.
Also famous for the most desired sneakers for young and old!

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