8 moves to switch off your brain when you are on vacation

Finally the holidays have arrived, but it is not so easy and automatic for everyone to leave behind the work problems and the thousand thoughts of everyday life ... So here are 8 steps for you to follow to really be able to disconnect your brain, have fun and, above all, regenerate. Holidays, on the other hand, are for this!

1. Indulge yourself

First rule of the holiday: zero guilt. Do you want to sleep until lunchtime? Are you craving a nice ice cream with cream after dinner? Indulge in everything that you usually forbid yourself during the year. Complete relaxation comes only when you stop imposing limits and duties on yourself and start enjoying it seriously!

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2. Technological detox

No more social, no more mail, no more whatsapp. It's not easy, we know, and no one asks you to leave your smartphones off in the bottom of your suitcase: simply try and don't check them constantly and focus on the places and people around you. Technology causes stress. A good chat with friends on the beach is much, much more relaxing than a group chat, and sometimes we risk forgetting it.

3. Get bored

What is more beautiful than boredom? Our brain sometimes needs it: these are the moments when the mind is free to wander and abandon itself to thoughts that we usually neglect, but which are very important for our psychic well-being. Do not be afraid to get bored, then, and you will see how much even the moments of "emptiness" can reserve you great insights!

4. Give space to emotions

Everything is emotion: from tasting something you have never tried to discovering a breathtaking landscape, to making special friends ... Abandon yourself completely and savor every emotion that the holidays will give you, with a positive attitude and openness towards the new. you will be ready to be amazed, life will amaze you.

5. Make room for eros

Because even sex needs all the calm and relaxation necessary to be explored, finally free from the thousand thoughts that fill our everyday life. The abandonment to the pleasures of the flesh can give you, if done properly, a summer of passion and really explosive sex! Why not start immediately by challenging yourself with erotic games or with these recommended positions?

6. Surround yourself with the right people

Unfortunately, during the year we are often forced to share our lives and our spaces with people who are not exactly kindred spirits ... whether it is a work colleague or a close relative, finally on vacation you can get rid of those you feel like a "negative influence and choose to surround yourself only with people who make you feel good and with whom you can relax in peace. Ban the vampires of energies!

7. Do what you like

Having the time to pursue your hobbies and passions, nowadays, has become a real privilege. months or to heal your body with exercises to get back in shape If you don't do it now, when?

8. Enjoy the moment

Last, but not least, remember the famous "carpe diem", seize the moment: a perfect holiday is one in which you can enjoy every single second without thinking about the after, but living to the fullest all the emotions and adventures that will happen to you. . And have a good summer!

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