Skinny shaming, the other side of the body shaming coin

"You are too thin", "You look anorexic" ... When women are victims of skinny shaming they are always addressed with these phrases; people feel entitled to express themselves on a thin body with a light heart only because it is closer to the beauty standards imposed by society. However, this is also part of body shaming: judging an individual by his appearance is never right. We all have the right to feel beautiful, just like the women in the video.

What does it mean to undergo skinny shaming

People who are victims of skinny shaming are criticized for their physical appearance as well as those considered overweight; both categories, thin and fat, undergo harsh judgments because of their body, in fact the phenomenon is the same: it is body shaming. Mocking the bodies of others is a widespread trend both in real life and on social networks. It is in the digital world, however, that "keyboard lions" feel freer to write offensive comments on people's bodies.

Famous people, such as models and influencers, are not exempt from skinny shaming, on the contrary; they are often fiercely attacked due to their overly thin and unhealthy physical appearance. For their part, the women of the show defend themselves by saying that being so thin "is not their fault", it is simply a genetic trait.
Like an individual suffering from fat shaming, even those who are mocked for being too thin experience a deep sense of inadequacy and insecurity, which negatively affects their relationships with others.

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In recent years, the tendency to lash out at women by judging their physique has not spared even the famous people. The singer Elodie, for example, found herself in spite of herself at the center of a controversy with Marco Masini, guilty of having repeatedly advised her to "eat more"; thinness is not a fault and there is nothing to be ashamed of, was Elodie's reply. Bella Hadid, Zendaya, Ariana Grande, what do these artists have in common? All of them have been victims of skinny shaming and their social profiles flooded with harsh criticism of their looks.

Another "woman in the show who is very attached due to her presumed unhealthy physical appearance is Elena Santarelli; the showgirl responds to criticism by justifying herself with the fact that she has a fast-running metabolism:" I can't help it ", she says, I'm just like that. .
On the other side of the ocean, severe judgments on "excessive thinness were not spared even to Angelina Jolie, Lily Collins and Lily Rose Depp, while the" anorexic "epithet of" anorexic "reached the social media influencer Chiara Biasi. Martina Colombari was excluded: too thin to be healthy, is the sentence.

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Too thin to be healthy - that's skinny shaming too

The phenomenon of body shaming is so widespread that the super influencer Chiara Ferragni, together with her sister Valentina, has even launched a hashtag to publicly condemn it. Chiara was heavily insulted on social networks for her too thin appearance a few months after giving birth, while her sisters underwent the same treatment but because of their "stocky and fat" physique. Singer Adele also suffered thin shaming, after losing several pounds following a diet. Too fat or too thin, there is no peace for the body of women which always seems to be the center of attention of the whole society.

What does the concept of body positivy carried out by the Ferragni sisters mean for a person who has undergone body shaming for years? It is first of all a liberation, because always being told that one's body is never right for what society requires, is a very heavy burden to carry. A girl who is repeated to eat more, who is too thin, or, on the contrary, who is overweight, can experience several difficulties in the process of accepting her body.

Problems can become serious insecurities because the physical aspect becomes the only yardstick by which one confronts oneself and others. Body shaming is a social scourge and the comments thin women receive are outright offenses to be explicitly condemned.

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