The father-daughter relationship: a true love story

Generally, fathers think that mothers are more influential with their daughters than they are, but nothing could be further from the truth, as it is usually females who have a much closer relationship with fathers. Dads, therefore, play a very important role in their daughters' lives because they are the ones who play the role that a mother can never replace: bringing a masculine perspective to the child's development.

The first man of his life

During childhood and adolescence, parents, both mother and father, are role models for their children. But specifically, fathers are the first intimate male influence in a little girl's life, so this relationship has a high chance of marking her future relationship with men in her adulthood.
Thanks to the father, who will have shown her how the relationship of love with her mother is made, the daughter will want to live one of hers, full of love and desire, just like her parents, in her adult age. An example of everyday life.

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It goes without saying, in this sense it is imperative that a girl see that her parents love each other and desire each other to love and be able to be loved in the future. In addition, parents are vital in helping girls develop many of their skills and character: self-confidence, self-esteem, success, assertiveness and the development of an adventurous spirit are among the most important. Therefore, the male opinion is essential, as it affirms itself towards her. The daughter must be admired and feel that her father is proud of her, thus conveying a positive image of the child.

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A magical relationship

You have the opportunity to give your daughter's father, especially if it is the first time, some guidelines so that the relationship with your little one is healthy and happy and has a positive impact on their adult life.
To do this, these tips based on expert recommendations will be very useful.

  • The father must demonstrate his love for the mother so that the little one is aware of that love so that she can reproduce it in the future and feel loved in adulthood, the same way she saw at home.
  • She will be aware that she can be loved in the same way.
  • The father helps his daughter to develop her femininity and personality. Let her know that she is beautiful, intelligent, that she feels appreciated at all times.
  • Give her all your attention and share with her all the things that are most important to her and make her happy.

In short, a relationship of love, tenderness and admiration is established between a father and a daughter. The father must encourage and support him, acting as a guide for the outside world. For all these reasons, fathers have a decisive impact on the life of their daughters, both from a professional, personal and sentimental point of view.

When parents are separated ...

A separation is always an unpleasant situation for all family members. It is essential that children accept the situation and assume it naturally; to achieve this, it is necessary to talk openly with them about what they are experiencing.
Mothers should not deprive fathers of the opportunity to see their children. In the case of the father-daughter relationship, we have already seen the importance of the father figure, so we recommend the following recommendations according to experts:

  • We must be honest with our daughters and always tell them the truth, at all times.
  • Spend as much time as possible with your little girl. Have fun talking to her, doing activities you enjoy together and sharing moments.
  • Keep children out of your arguments, especially if it is the day you are going to visit your children.
  • Don't deprive your children of talking to their father on the phone. They need to have a normal and healthy relationship.

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A relationship that becomes complicated during adolescence

During adolescence, this close relationship usually ends to establish an otherwise normal distance between father and daughter, which is essential to prepare for her future bonds with men.

The daughter becomes more reserved and this relationship can become more and more strained. The father, however, must continue to value the femininity and beauty of his daughter, giving permission to be pleased, but above all to accept that she feels safe in the eyes of other men.

During adolescence some radical changes occur, such as the modification of physical form or the arrival of first loves, and these are lived in some cases with incomprehension on the part of the father, who wonders why his little girl locks herself in her room and refuses all his affection. At the same time she moves away from him, but a greater rapprochement with her mother can begin, because she will understand that now it is she who can understand her "problems" and speak from woman to woman.

It will be a difficult time, but parents must continue to be close to their daughters. Even though she seems to have become a "stranger, they must insist on giving them a reassuring look because, despite appearances, the role of the father is also essential for the emotional development of the girls in this period.

Still different, but just as important to know and deepen, is the relationship between father and son!

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