L'Oréal Paris rewards your loyalty: find out how to win three essential IMETEC prizes

For more than 30 years, L’Oréal Paris Laboratories have been engaged in the development of scientific and technological innovations, to sublimate the beauty of women of all ages. Effective formulas, strict clinical tests, scientifically advanced active ingredients and precious textures: these are the foundations of each product that L'Oréal Paris offers for a unique treatment experience.

To celebrate those who choose its products, L'Oréal Paris has also created a special initiative this year, which is giving away three fantastic IMETEC devices dedicated to blow drying and styling: a practical compact hairdryer, a very useful mini hair straightener. on the go and a professional heated brush.

© L "Oréal Paris

How to win these awards? Just buy - even in separate moments and receipts - 6 L’Oréal Paris facial products including 3 facial treatments and 3 facial cleansers, download and fill out the postcard you find HERE and choose your prize!

To receive it you will need to send: the originals of the receipts, the cardboard boxes of the facial treatment packs (the receipt is sufficient for the 3 facial cleansers), the complete postcard in its entirety, the indication of the prize and the shipping address. of the same.

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You have until 1 December 2015 and you can also participate several times, sending the respective materials each time, what are you waiting for?
To find out more about the promotion visit: http://www.lorealparistipremia.it/

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