Beijing Express: reality travel is back

On 8 and 9 September, with a special double date, the reality show Beijing Express, produced by Magnolia for Rai2. A travel reality show that will see eight couples get involved in an on the road challenge to be the first to reach the final destination and which will have the landscapes of Southeast Asia as a backdrop, from Vietnam to Thailand.

A journey of eight thousand kilometers, with missions that will put them to the test, and a budget of only two euros a day that will force them to rely on hitchhiking and welcoming the populations of the places they visit.

The starting point will be Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam and will continue passing through Halong Bay to Ho Chi Min. Competitors will also explore Cambodia, discover the fascinating colonial city of Phnom Pehn and the beautiful temples of Angkor, the unspoiled nature of Laos, the culture of tribal populations, up to Thailand, between the traditions of northern villages and modernity. of Bangkok.

Presenting this second edition of the program will be Costantino della Gherardesca, former competitor of the first edition, known for his works in the programs of Piero Chiambretti such as Chiambretti is there And Markette.

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The couples (you see in the picture), on the other hand, will be composed as follows:
Massimo Ciavarro and Paolo Ciavarro - Father and son
Corinne Clery and Angelo Costabile - The engaged couple
Adriana Romero and Francesca Fioretti - The models
Niccolò Centioni and Micol Olivieri - The actors
Massimiliano Rosolino and Alessandra Sensini - The Olympians
Alessio Sakara and Stefano Venturini - Friends
Daniela Del Secco d'Aragona and Maggiordono Gregory - Marchesa and butler
Daniel Moreno Mendoza and Laura Caratelli - The graduates

After the first two events, which will be broadcast on Sunday 8 and Monday 9 September at 21.10, the appointment will be for every Monday evening in prime time on Rai2 and, from 14 September, every Saturday at 14.50 for the Beijing Express Travel Journal where you will see the best of the past week.

For more information, visit the official website

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