Weekly horoscope from 20 to 26 November 2017: great, Sagittarius!

Aries - great strength at work!

Dear Aries, your week will be interesting, especially from a business point of view. Mercury in a favorable position helps you make deals, make important meetings, giving you that extra boost you need, especially in public relations. The best days will be those of Monday and Tuesday. Also nice on weekends. Between Wednesday and Thursday, however, some setbacks may occur.

Taurus: heart problems ...

Dear Toro, unfortunately love will give you a hard time this week too. Venus in opposition creates tension in your life as a couple and leads you to question your relationship. Will he really be the right person? Especially careful at the weekend, when even the moon in an unfavorable position will put its own, creating a few more small complications. Are you sure you are not dating a sign that tends to betray?

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Gemini: be careful what you say!

Dear Gemelli, this week you are very careful not to say more than you should ... Mercury in opposition does not facilitate public relations and, on the contrary, it risks making you make some gaffe! Especially at work, you should count to 10 before speaking… Pay particular attention to the rather unfortunate days of Monday and Tuesday. Better the weekend, to be dedicated entirely to love and relaxation!

Cancer: love is all around!

Dear Cancer, your week is to be lived entirely in the name of love and feeling. Favorable Venus will give you truly exciting moments if you know how to treat yourself to them. On Wednesday and Thursday the moon will be in opposition and you risk having your nerves on the edge of your skin! Try to hold back, so that you can then experience a truly fairytale weekend with someone special. Singles take a good look around, meetings are favorites!

Leo: nervous weekend ...

Dear Leo, Mercury favorable this week gives you great satisfactions at work, especially on Mondays and Tuesdays, also favored by an "excellent lucky moon. We cannot say the same as far as feelings are concerned ... Venus unfavorable does not help your couple and it creates obstacles and tensions. Be careful not to spend the whole weekend arguing, when the opposing moon makes you particularly nervous!

Virgo: may he be the right man?

Dear Virgin, love in this period gives you great satisfaction. You are not too romantic, but despite this you will be able to bring out all the feeling that you hardly express in a striking way. Could it be that you finally found the right person? On the other hand, some more blocks or difficulties are possible at work, especially on Monday and Tuesday, when both the moon and Mercury will be in an unfavorable position.

Libra: in search of serenity ...

Dear Libra, in this period love seems to finally give you some respite. Be careful, however, not to let the so-called “emotional vampires” suck too much energy… At work, expect good news and confirmations on Mondays and Tuesdays. On the other hand, some minor setbacks are expected on Wednesday and Thursday, when the moon will be unfavorable. The weekend, on the other hand, promises great emotions!

Scorpio: great!

Dear Scorpio, a moment of great positivity continues for you! Venus in the sign gives your heart in love all the satisfactions and emotions it deserves. Singles may not stay there for long ... even at work, great evolutions and changes are being prepared that will reach their peak with the new year. Lucky days: Wednesday and Thursday. Days of ups and downs: Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Sagittarius: Long live Mercury!

Dear Sagittarius, with Mercury in the sign no one stops you anymore! The time has come to collect all the results and success you deserve. If you work in contact with people you will be particularly favored by this sky, your ability to relate will be skyrocketing! Monday and Tuesday you can also count on the moon in conjunction: they will be two really super lucky days. Beautiful (and romantic) even on weekends.

Capricorn: towards success!

Dear Capricorn, continue a very positive moment for you, especially in terms of feelings. Favorable Venus makes you sweeter and more compliant than usual and your relationship will benefit a lot! Jupiter prepares you the way for the great successes that will come in 2018 and right now you are starting to gather support in the workplace. Super-lucky days on Wednesday and Thursday.

Aquarius: a weekend to remember!

Dear Aquarius, Venus unfavorable in this period complicates your sentimental situation. Doubts in the couple meander and you find yourself looking elsewhere, in search of happiness ... face the problem with your partner and don't get anxious! At work, however, you are experiencing a favorable moment in which opportunities will not be lacking. Super lucky weekend with the moon in conjunction: a Friday, Saturday and Sunday to remember!

Pisces: more and more in love!

Dear Pisces, if you are trying to figure out if he is really the right person for you, know that this week you can find the answer you are looking for! Venus favors feelings and your relationship, little by little, becomes deeper and clearer at the same time. However, some delay or mishap is possible in the workplace. Unlucky days: Monday and Tuesday. Lucky days: Wednesday and Thursday.

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