MIA- Mamme In Auto: the safest cars around

40 children in Italy lost their lives in road accidents in 2019. And if the driver's compliance with the Code is fundamental, the ability of the car to protect them also plays an essential role. Judging by the tests of the Euro NCAP body that issued the verdict on the cars released last year.

First place for the four-door Mercedes CLA coupe, which concludes the exam with a score of 91/100, tied with the new Subaru Forester.

Going down a step we find three other Mercedes, a brand that confirms itself as one of the most attentive in protecting occupants up to 13 years: the B-Class, the new EQC electric SUV, and the GLE.

In third place are two models that, due to their sales volumes, put their effectiveness in protecting the little ones at the service of a large number of motorists: Volkswagen Golf and Renault Clio, whose positioning is particularly honorable given their size, the smallest among the cars on the podium and the purchase price, the lowest.

Taking a look at the best-selling cars in Italy last year, the first in the standings comes out with broken bones, among other things a classic second family car, the Fiat Panda, which closes the tests for child protection with a 16/100 , much better do Lancia Ypsilon (79/100), and Dacia Duster (66/100). Excellent Fiat 500X that takes home an 85/100.

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