Quarrel between Emma and J-Ax. The singer criticizes Sister Cristina and the rapper silences her

These days we are used to periodically attending vip quarrels on social networks, which have now become the real press offices of the stars. And here, in these days, on the web the back and forth of two celebrities from our house are chasing each other: Emma Marrone, fresh from an inglorious placement at "Eurovision Song Contest, and J-Ax, one of the coaches on the program The Voice.

The singer from Salento, hit by criticism for the "bad impression" made at the Copenhagen singing festival in which she finished only in 21st place, broke out and indulged in not very nice comments on one of the most prominent figures of this moment, Sister Cristina Scuccia, the religious competitor of The Voice which made the whole world talk about itself. "The Italians are scandalized for me, but not for a nun who takes a selfie with a banana on TV", this is the sentence pronounced by Emma from which it all came: the singer from Salento refers to a shot published on social networks in which Sister Cristina poses with a banana to her ear, for the "campaign" of solidarity to which many VIPs have joined in homage to the footballer Dani Alves, victim of racism during a football match, for throwing a banana from the stands. Marrone then went on to express his thoughts: "It is an insult to those who like me are in showbiz: on TV you go there to be successful, otherwise if you have a gift you take the children from the street and make a chorus".

Immediate, as was to be expected, the words of J-Ax, coach of Sister Cristina Scuccia, who thus replied on Twitter to the former singer of Friends: "The insult to showbiz is not a nun, but who thinks that nobody has a message to bring to TV. It is your emptiness that you feel. And showbiz I didn't hear it from the toilets of the" 93 "Festivalbar.

This is the long message with which the Salento singer replied, obviously always through the much-loved social networks, to the former frontman of Article 31: "Only those who never do anything in life and hide behind someone else's back will never risk to be judged. It is easier to point the finger at others with violence than to give a caress, a pat on the back of encouragement. They are an easy target practice, even the red cross and its saying blush at the blows it gives years I continue to collect, from everyone ... But absolutely everyone! Despite everything I can not hate anyone, not even my worst enemy - continues Emma - Despite everything I walk with my head held high, I swallow my tears and lick my wounds. Nobody will make my heart of a wild and clean child angry. It is easy to run with the wind always in your favor .. And someone who acts as a screen for you. I am me and I will not change for anything or anyone in the world ... I will continue to run against the wind.I will continue to respond to malice with my best smile. I will continue not to be afraid of the dark by turning on all the lights of the "soul. I am different ... I love everyone ... Yes, everyone!".

We await the next updates on the quérelle between the two singers, which we are sure is not over here.

Emma, ​​Sister Cristina and J-Ax