Il Volo wins the Sanremo Festival!

It is the trio of Il Volo to win the sixty-fifth Sanremo Festival.The musical group born on the stage of the broadcast I leave you a song now several years ago and consisting of the tenors Piero Barone, Ignazio Boschetto and Gianluca Ginoble thus triumphs at the most famous singing festival in our country with the song Great love in an edition that has been confirmed as national-popular and in the name of traditions also in the choice of the winners. On the podium with the three very young tenors, Nek, who at the end seemed to be the favorite name, and Malika Ayane, refined and original voice of the Italian music scene who once again fails in the enterprise, even if he comes very close.

In addition to the silver medal, Nek, who returns to the Ariston stage after 18 years, also wins the prize for the best arrangement and the Lucio Dalla press prize with the song Come on love, which is also one of the Sanremo songs most appreciated by the public and broadcast by the radio these days.

Even the third classified, Malika Ayane, does not remain dry-mouthed: she goes to the Mia Martini Critics Award for Now it's here (Nostalgic Present), refined and intense piece, in perfect Malika style, which during the award ceremony did not hide a certain regret for the lack of victory.

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