Alpha woman: who is an alpha woman and how is it recognized

We have heard a lot - sometimes too much - of alpha men, but in recent years the concept of the so-called alpha woman is also spreading and discussing. Fortunately, more and more women occupy an important position in the workplace, who are determined and determined in pursuing their goals by skilfully combining them, in many cases, with family life.

Before discovering what exactly it means to be an alpha female and what the main characteristics of this personality type are, let's briefly see some stories of women in power in the world:

What it means to be an alpha woman

Essentially, being an alpha woman means being a person who knows what she wants and who strives with perseverance and determination to get it. Despite what one might think, an alpha woman is not characterized by a specific physical appearance or a specific beauty. She is not necessarily young, she does not necessarily wear a certain size and does not obsessively follow fashions: a woman is alpha if she shows a certain attitude, assertive and self-confident. In short, it is not despotic but it does not even "stand up in the head".

We can ask ourselves: is an alpha woman born or made into an alpha woman? The answer to this question is not so obvious. On the one hand, there are certainly women with a strong, independent and self-confident character. This is how they are born and show these qualities since childhood and adolescence. On the other hand, however, by improving one's self-esteem and assertiveness, it is possible to reach a good level of stubbornness that makes us pass from being the so-called beta females to alpha.

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The characteristics to recognize an "alpha woman

How do you recognize an alpha woman in everyday life? It is quite simple, because a personality of this type does not go unnoticed and often reveals a series of characteristics that facilitate its identification. We have summarized the main qualities that affect all aspects of life, from the private and love sphere to the working one. you, are you an alpha woman?

You are assertive and determined

Being assertive means knowing how to express your point of view, your opinions and emotions, and what you need without fear or hesitation. Assertiveness is the ability that helps us to assert our rights without being afraid of disagreeing with the other because we always respect the ideas of others. If you are an alpha woman, this trait is evident in your personality. Both in the workplace and in private life you do not fear confrontation, always polite and peaceful, and you never hide what you think, even if it is contrary to the opinion of your interlocutor.

Likewise, you have a lot of goals and work hard every day to accomplish them. You are convinced that realizing yourself professionally is useful in affirming your value and, therefore, aiming for important positions that involve many responsibilities, which you never shirk. Economic independence is essential for you, regardless of whether you are in a relationship or not: only in this way can you think you have a true equal relationship with a man and feel truly self-sufficient.

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You are not afraid of being alone

There are people, men or women without distinction, who strongly fear loneliness. The thought of being single and having no one by their side scares them, just as they can't spend much time alone with themselves. For an alpha woman, however, it is quite the opposite.

You have a free and independent spirit. You do not need a love story to feel good about yourself, because you build your well-being in an autonomous way and unrelated to others. All this does not mean that you shy away from relationships. life comes the right man, the one with whom to share your dreams and your goals. It must be a partner who thinks big like you, who is not afraid of your strong character and your assertiveness and who, above all, lives the relationship as an equal. You are an alpha woman if you hear the famous saying: "I don't need you, but I want you".

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Define your concept of femininity yourself

Every day we are served female role models to follow. Social media, photos and advertisements suggest an "idea of ​​a woman that for many becomes the rule to follow. This can be true for anyone, but not for you. In fact, like all alpha women, you can't stand female clichés and stereotypes that focus on everything. beauty and little about the contents. Of course, you take care of yourself and your body, but you do not need a model of femininity imposed from above to follow: beauty and substance go hand in hand according to your tastes. You choose whether to wear makeup or not, whether to wear heels or whether to wear a certain type of clothing. For an "alpha woman, femininity is a fluid concept that every woman decides for herself, without listening to anyone's dictates.

Also, live your being a woman in the best possible way. You are not afraid of age or the passing of the years because you maintain an active and well-groomed lifestyle, without however leading to mania.

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You have a sense of humor and you are positive

When you have to work seriously, no one can distract you from your goal, but in your private life you show a great sense of humor, even towards yourself. you are more likely to be self-deprecating. However, you have a maximum level of tolerance for other people's jokes, especially if they try to undermine your image as a strong and independent woman. In that case you know how to defend yourself because you do not lack self-esteem and good little talk .

Both professionally and privately, a true alpha female is known for her positivity. You don't like to complain about your commitments or your personal problems, but you approach any situation with optimism and confidence in your abilities. In general, positivity is one of your strengths in relating to others.

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You don't care about the opinions of others

Especially for a woman, there are often many external influences and can start from the first years of her life. It can be pressures on her work, on her way of being and, as we have already seen, also on her femininity. However, when in the presence of an alpha woman, the judgments of others matter very little. You never let others decide for you and, likewise, their opinions are not relevant when unfounded or without depth. This doesn't mean you don't respect the ideas of the people around you, quite the opposite. You always listen to them with interest and treasure them if they are constructive criticisms, but, if not, you let them slip on you.

As an alpha female you know very well that you can't please everyone, but you don't even try. Your philosophy of life is "live and let live" and allows you to always be yourself without compromising.

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