Things that make you realize you are going to be a mom

You are about to become a mom!

Maybe you have been waiting for it for a long time, maybe it caught you suddenly: what is certain is that you are about to become a mother. And from the moment you saw the answer on your pregnancy test, inevitably your world has changed and your life. it will never be the same again. Do you know that special light that everyone says they see in your eyes? It's called happiness, and it's a perfectly normal feeling for you who are about to become a mother. Thinking about the mother you can become and when you will hold your baby in your arms and you will be able to kiss him for the first time (and then a billion times) fills you with joy and enthusiasm.

Nine months seem like a real eternity, yet believe me, they will fly! The emotions you feel in this period, from the news of conception, are varied and incredible. Not only joy and euphoria for the happy event. There are times when you feel mild anxiety or worry about what's going to happen to your body and your life. For example, wondering if you will be a good mom, if you can make your baby happy and take care of him with love is definitely normal. As is feeling a little under pressure and being afraid of not being able to reconcile a working life, for example, and the career prospects that derive from it with the newcomer.

It cannot be denied that what you are preparing to go through is a period of great change, but little by little you will find a new balance and a strength that you did not even think you possessed. The life of a woman who is about to become a mother is full of doubts and questions, but also of certainties. Don't worry about becoming a perfect mom but focus on the whirlwind of emotions (and no, it doesn't just depend on the hormones!) You find yourself living and prepare to learn little by little, through little progress but also from mistakes, every day. , the most beautiful job in the world.

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Tips for becoming a mother: don't panic about the experiences of others

You lived the first months of pregnancy as in a bubble of serenity, a world of your own where even knowing that everything was about to change, in fact nothing has changed. Then after the first few months the pregnancy became evident and you found the security to show it to the world. While without revealing to anyone that you are about to become a mother, you were able to share with your partner the euphoria, the joys and even the small worries and doubts that accompanied you day after day, when you chose to share the news with friends. , acquaintances and relatives here that after a bit of celebration, amazement and wonder began to rain on you unsolicited advice and recommendations dictated by the desire to give you a hand but also by that irrepressible impulse to believe that your experience is universal .

We could divide this kind of intrusion into the life of a woman who is about to become a mother into two types. The advice on how to become a prepared mother, that is a "set of tips and suggestions on how to do the first actions with the baby, on how to wean him, wash him, on how to interpret his cries, etc. These recommendations come from relatives or friends who they have already become mothers but perhaps they have forgotten that in moments like these you, who are about to become a mother, need support and closeness, but above all to do your own path and your experiences. Then there are the stories. the horror stories that are handed down without a true why from woman to woman, stories of mothers who have suffered in an unusual way at the time of delivery, difficult or unsuccessful pregnancies, painful and traumatic maneuvers and more, halfway between hearsay and lived experience (which however is always a subjective fact).

Every woman can become a mother in a completely different way: our advice is not to be influenced by these stories and if possible avoid listening to them. It's not good for you, your baby, or even your partner to panic. Much better to remember that every woman is unique, as will every pregnancy, including the experience of childbirth. There is no one who should or who can teach you how to become a mother: the only person who will be able to, holding your hand is your baby. Because as someone wise said some time ago, when a child is born, a mother is born too!

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We're running out, are you prepared?

If at the beginning of your pregnancy you were much more focused on the small and big changes in your body: the firmer breasts, the evident belly, now that you have reached the last months of pregnancy you are starting to ask yourself many more questions about what it will be like to grow the baby that bring in. A little is the anxiety of childbirth that is approaching, a little is that you are becoming aware of a truth under the eyes of all: you are about to become a mother!

And so you find yourself wondering if you will be able to cope with the arrival of the baby and transform yourself into a model mom. One very important thing that you must always keep in mind now and as your baby grows is that you are not alone. there are many things you can count on! For example, on the reliability and experience of companies like Fisher-Price, always on the side of new mothers with a line of specific products designed and created to develop the sensory abilities of the baby since from its earliest days. Discover the different Fisher-Price products suitable for the little ones, they will help you not only to teach your child about the outside world but also to cope with the small problems you will have to face in the first months, such as "need to relax him during naps.

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