How does a bride dress in China? And in Indonesia? 10 stunning photos of brides from around the world

Of traditional white dresses, veil and train, bouquets and wedding receptions, you have certainly seen many. But have you ever wondered: how does a bride dress in Mongolia? What is the traditional wedding dress in Nigeria? In these beautiful photos, you will be able to discover the traditions of the world regarding the wedding dress.

Who knows, you may even find that you prefer the Chinese bride look to ours! Look at them all, and tell us in the comments at the bottom which one is your favorite!

1. He marries her in Nigeria

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The typical Nigerian wedding involves the bride changing at least three times. What you see here is the typical "iro" and "buba" clothing, which can be declined in different colors and is combined with the "gele", the traditional turban.

2. The bride in India

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Wedding celebrations in India usually go on for three days. Along with the traditional dress, the bride's hands and feet are decorated with "mehndi", temporary henna tattoos.

3. The bride in Mongolia

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The day before the wedding, the groom goes to the bride's house to bring gifts to her father. Traditionally, animals were given as gifts, and above all a vase of glue, to symbolize the strong bond between groom and bride, indissoluble. As for dress and jewelry, the bride is often adorned with a headdress decorated with pearls or other precious materials.

4. The bride in China


The Chinese bride, for her dress, must try to wear red. It is the color symbol of love and prosperity, and should be worn not only on the dress, but also on jewelry and accessories. The important thing is to avoid black, blue, and gray, symbols of pain.

5. The bride in Norway

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The traditional dress of the Norwegian bride even includes a crown! The queen of the day should in fact wear a tiara that costs more than everything else. But we doubt that anyone still sticks to the tradition, in the very advanced Norway ...

6. The bride in Tibet

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The Tibetan bride wears a dress and hair ornaments that are sent to her by the groom and his family, wrapped in silk as the most precious gift.

7. The bride in Indonesia


The Indonesian bride, dressed in precious colored fabrics and with a golden headdress, is escorted on a traditional sedan chair through the streets of her village to the place where the ceremony will take place.

8. The bride in Eritrea

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The bride in Eritrea wears the traditional dress with a veil. She waits in her house for the groom, who arrives with his witnesses to take her with him to the place where the ceremony will be celebrated. Small curiosity: the groom is expected to dance at the bride's house, as soon as he arrives, joining the bride's guests who welcome him with their songs.

9. The Zulu bride

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The Zulu ethnic community, originally from South Africa, requires the bride and groom to wear matching colors, to show everyone how connected they are. The most important role in the bride's attire is beaded jewelry.

10. The bride in Ghana

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The Ghanaian bride, if she wants to stick to tradition, wears the Kente, a brightly colored fabric that creates geometries and pattern references. The precious cloth was used in antiquity only by kings and queens.

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