Don't throw away the coffee grounds! Discover 10 surprising things you can do with it

In Italy, every year, each citizen consumes about 6 kg of coffee and throws the same amount in the garbage: what a mistake! Not everyone knows that coffee grounds can be reused in many ways and in various fields: from beauty to plant care through to house cleaning.

Discover 10 alternative and creative ways to use coffee grounds here.

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1 - Keep ants away

In order not to resort to chemical insecticides, you can place the coffee grounds in the most targeted areas and you will see that the ants will disappear.

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2 - Deodorize the refrigerator

Dry coffee grounds are a natural deodorant for the refrigerator. Fill a small container and leave it inside the refrigerator for a couple of days. The same trick can be used for the shoe cabinet, the cellar and also for the car.

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3 - Footbath and scrub

Energizing and perfect for stemming sweating and keeping bad odors at bay: it is the foot bath that you can prepare by diluting leftover coffee in lukewarm water. And with coffee grounds you can perform an effective scrub in the rougher areas of the extremities.

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4 - Fertilize the flowers

Coffee grounds are perfect for fertilizing flowers that love acidic soils, such as roses, azaleas, rhododendron and evergreens. Thanks to the acidity reached by the soil, the flowers will be able to draw more nourishment from it.

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5 - Face mask

Do you want soft and velvety skin? Make a mixture by mixing 2 tablespoons of coffee grounds, 2 tablespoons of cocoa powder, 2 tablespoons of milk or yogurt, 1 tablespoon of honey or malt. Apply it to damp skin, massaging, and leave it on for 15-20 minutes before rinsing.

6 - Fighting dandruff

Rub the coffee grounds after shampooing and leave on for 10 minutes, rinse and proceed with a new quick shampoo. In addition to preventing dandruff, coffee grounds seem to slow down hair loss and give shine to brown hair.

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7 - Polish the pots

After normal washing, scrub the pots with coffee grounds to remove the film of minerals and residues, you will see how they will shine again!

8 - Get a vintage effect

Coffee grounds are ideal for giving warm tones and an aged effect to fabrics. If you then add some lukewarm water, you can also use the mixture for decoupage works.

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9 - Remove the stains

Coffee grounds are very effective as an anti-stain, just sprinkle the spot where there is dirt and rub.

10 - Restoring the furniture

If you have a dark wood cabinet that has been scratched, the coffee grounds mixed with a common moisturizer will cover the marks.

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