What to do when school ends: activities for children

The end of school entails massive doses of ingenuity to answer this question: What do I make my child do in the summer?
You have already organized the summer holidays, but it is still not clear how you will survive that month between the last bell and the first clothes in your suitcase.
So you have every reason to worry.

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We come to meet you: first, making you smile with a list of the most original (and unattainable, unfortunately) ideas; then, with some really useful tips on what to do when school finishes.

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What to do when school ends: the most original ideas

Deciding which summer activity for children to choose is not easy and we have decided to make it even more difficult by offering you a list of highly unattainable activities.
Not out of pure sadism, but because we want to see your face go through like this:

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to so:

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So why not imagine a "summer in which, while you are at work, your child:

  • solves the problem of the ozone hole
  • unravels all your headphones
  • learn the value of manual skills, building castles with matches
  • plays hide and seek, counting to 1938347389202782672
  • count all the grains of rice you have in the house

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Summer activities for children (series, this time): study camps

Beyond these alternative pastimes, we recommend a variety of activities to keep your child entertained while you work. First of all is the study field, which combines the useful with the pleasure.
Organized by many schools and museums, it differs from the study holiday because it does not take place in a foreign city. Children are involved in daily classes that combine moments of play with moments of study. The most popular fields of study are those that involve the teaching of the English language, although, lately, those that focus on a sport or a manual activity, such as those specializing in archeology, are gaining ground. Some even involve one or more days away from home.

Municipal summer center

With the closure of schools, the municipalities of Italian cities are organizing activities for children.
Unfortunately, not all municipalities have already equipped themselves, but those who have taken this path host children in large municipal spaces, such as schools or buildings specially open, and organize whole days of games and entertainment. Children can learn handiwork, wrap a gift for parents, read a book or just play.

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Weekday oratory

The weekday oratory is not always taken into consideration, especially by non-believing families who fear that their child may feel excluded in a religious environment. Even if tied to a parish, summer oratories open their doors to religious children and lay people, organizing full days of entertainment and games, as well as outings. Simple and reliable, it is a solution to consider.

The summer cooperative

The latter is by far the idea that we like best: it requires a little more organization, but it is certainly worth it. The summer cooperative is nothing more than a group of mothers who are willing to take turns , a group of children. Alternatively, you can entrust your little ones to a trusted babysitter, an aunt or a grandmother. The important thing is the maximum reliability of the participants and the not excessive number of children involved. With the summer co-op, costs are halved and children can have fun with their friends!