How to surprise your boyfriend with 7 sexy ideas

Having the desire to surprise your man with some spicy ideas is the most natural thing to be. But how to make him turn his head and move something different in him? For example, a starting point could be to find out what we have in mind. home to let your imagination fly ...

  1. · 1. Give him a spicy program
  2. · 2. Anticipate what awaits him
  3. · 3. Suggest something unusual
  4. · 4. Surprise him with a board game ...
  5. · 5. Tell him your intentions in front of everyone
  6. · 6. Make him a very hot dinner
  7. · 7. Charge him with adrenaline with small transgressions

1. Give him a spicy schedule

Are you convinced that desire is only in the unexpected? You're wrong, giving your man a spicy program can build arousal in no time. Let him know where and when you want to meet him, and what you intend to do or do to him.

How you do it?
If you live together, change the routine by playing the secret relationship with him, making an appointment during the lunch break in a hotel, for example. At home, whisper in his ear to meet you in your room at 10 pm sharp for a hot cuddle.
Couples who live far away, will be able to take advantage of the forced distance to establish in the smallest details the program of the moments to spend together, leaving nothing to chance: neither the place, nor the moment, not even the way in which they will (un) dress. By presenting your man with the "sex program" by points, you may awaken a desire for submission in him that he will meekly express ...

What does it offer?
The possibility of anticipating, of imagining, of dreaming of a caress that you are preparing to give or to receive. And the pleasure of discovering that it is possible to take action even without mincing words ...

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2. Anticipate what awaits him

Be sexy in SMS version. In order for him to pining for you, anything is allowed ... phone calls, text messages or emails, no matter the way as long as the result is the same: hot moments, made even more exciting by the situation. In fact, it's not always easy for your boyfriend to let go during a meeting with the boss or with clients.

How you do it?
In the morning, at 10, while he is at work, send him some dubious messages. Describe how you are dressed, what you want to do to him and what you would like him to do to you. Imagine your caresses and describe them in detail. His hands on your body, your mouth on his: you surely know what excites him the most, take advantage of it! If he doesn't answer you, imagine him in turmoil a few meters from the big boss's office. And, by the way, be careful: avoid any mistake or accident in selecting the recipient of the message ...

What does it offer?
These psychological foreplay is a great way to make desire grow: be ready to welcome your man earlier than usual, perhaps already imagining this sequel ...

3. Suggest something unusual

What if you try to make love without hands? On the program: new sensations that will depend exclusively on the movements of your bodies.
Making love without hands is a bit like making love blindfolded: the points of reference change completely and the caresses take on a new charm.
The sensations are no longer perceptible to the touch, so it will be up to you to express your excitement and feel that of the other in another way.

How you do it?
In order not to give in to temptation, do not hesitate to tie his hands and tie yourself. You will easily find handcuffs of all kinds on the market that will help increase the temperature of the scene.
Choose a stable position and start gently, so as not to lose your balance.
Use everything you have available: mouth, tongue, feet, nose etc. and skin to skin, rediscover the intoxication and intensity of a simple hand-to-hand. Since you cannot use your hands to guide each other, you will have to express your feelings orally ... seventh heaven assured.

What does it offer?
By canceling the power of the hands, the attention of both focuses on new areas, new inclinations and new rhythms.

4. Surprise him with a party game ...

Did you think you were too big for party games? Sometimes they come back, in version, sexy or hot. Rediscover the sensuality of an evening of "games" with your him. The game will take you gradually to undress and caress yourself, in a "playful atmosphere favorable to complicity and exchange.

How you do it?
Start by creating a cozy atmosphere: cushions on the floor, soft music, soft lights and a burning fireplace. Avoid trump and a forty scale, unless they are in a semi-naked version. You will find all kinds of sexy games on the market: game of the goose. , chess or Trivial Pursuit in a spicy version ...
You can even invent a game to kick off the foreplay. Write body parts on slips of paper and other action slips. Pull out a card of each type and you will have challenges like: licking the torso, nibbling on the breasts or stroking the buttocks.
Be strategic in your choice of verbs and body parts, or you may find yourself pinching your lover's nose.

What does it offer?
A moment of complicity, to be together in a different way than the classic romantic dinner. Take advantage, in this game there are only winners.

5. Tell them your intentions in front of everyone

Dinner with friends or lunch with the mother-in-law: you get a little bored and your mind starts wandering over the body of your lover.
Do you want him? Let them know: Show them in public that you want them, without anyone noticing. We all know the aphrodisiac power of a smile or a look exchanged in the presence of other people, a trifle full of meaning. Could it be the fact of understanding each other without speaking? Or to entertain an ambiguous relationship under the eyes of unaware individuals?

How you do it?
Agree with your him on a coded signal to show him your desire. Avoid the wheel followed by the triple somersault, the secret could lose its charm. A "scratch" on the palm of the hand, strokes on the arm: a small discreet symbol. When the desire peeps, take action ... and observe its reaction.

What does it offer?
The interest of this "secret code"? A "performance that only you will understand, an aphrodisiac complicity: darling, now you say "thank you and goodbye" and let's go ...

6. Make him a very hot dinner

We've all heard of foods that increase sexual appetite ...
If some of them have scientifically proven physiological properties, which increase desire, it is often the imagination that attributes "miraculous" virtues to these foods. There is no need to rack your brains to understand what the aphrodisiac virtues of cucumber derive from. ... placebo or not, take advantage of their effects! It is best to taste these foods with your hands for even more sensuality.

How you do it?
Prepare a light dinner, without too much wine, to stay fresh and fit. For the aperitif, it is better to avoid fried and salty chips and salami which makes the breath heavy, and to nibble on nuts (walnuts, hazelnuts and almonds), rich in vitamin B2. Then, continue with seafood and shellfish (oysters, caviar and lobsters), famous for their sinful reputation. And for the dessert, lots of energy, with a citrus fruit salad and a sprinkling of ginger.

What does it offer?
Improvement of the sensitivity of the vaginal walls thanks to vitamin B2, consolidation of the blood vessels of man's attributes for vitamin C, stimulation of testosterone production thanks to the zinc contained in oysters ... the virtues are different but the result is the same: the sexual appetite increases in men and women as the stomach is satisfied ... take a cue from here to organize your dinner!

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© iStock Aphrodisiac foods for him and her: foods that increase desire

7. Charge him with adrenaline with small transgressions

It is known that the forbidden exerts a fascination not to be overlooked. The transgression, the fear of being surprised and the resulting adrenaline rush add to the excitement. The good news? Daily life is full of situations in which the "cuddles" are risky and the desire to do it, a lot ... ready, go!

How you do it?
Are you on the phone with your boss? What if you take the opportunity to "take care" of him? Don't get stuck if the young gentleman resists: a minimum of professional conscience, by God!
In the same style, confess your desires to him and provoke him in situations that make a conclusion impossible: on the street, at the cinema, on the train or in the dressing room of a store. Accompany the words with some gestures risque and let the magic take effect ...

What does it offer?
A feeling of exciting transgression, and a way to make any scene of everyday life potentially exciting. And to top it off ...

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