How to choose the perfect swimsuit for your body

If you gave yourself a 5 at the costume fitting, fear not, maybe you just made the wrong choice. Yes, because as well as for a dress or a t-shirt, the costume must also be chosen in such a way as to enhance the qualities of our body and mask what we believe to be our defects. And if we are at pathological levels and the costume seems like hell, we always have the opportunity to have fun with the sarong, like this:

But now no more chatter, let's find out how to choose the costume based on the shape of the body.

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How to choose the costume if you have an "H" morphology

In this case, you have two options, depending on the strengths of your body:

- You are thin, have a narrow waist and shoulders the same width as the hips. You can wear almost anything, as long as you enhance your femininity.
Choose a nice bikini, for example a two-piece triangle: it is very feminine, perfect for smaller girls. The top piece, tied behind the neck, enhances the shoulders and balances the "rectangular" shape of this morphology. Go for the bikini version with laces, which enhances thin legs. The swimwear trend of summer 2019 offers some really sexy bikini models, look here

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© Forever 21 Bikini

- You are curvy and have a large waist. Draw attention to the décolleté by opting for a one-piece swimsuit in an opaque color, like this structured Yamamay model for € 59.95. The one-piece swimsuit hides the belly and excess roundness. If, in addition, it is a balconette, it will make you very feminine. As for the 2 pieces, you can afford them on condition that you give up shorts or very high-cut briefs, which risk making you look shorter. See how many gorgeous curvy costumes you can choose from

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© Dangerous Curves Plus size costumes summer 2017 Dangerous Curves

To be avoided if you have an "H" morphology
Square necklines and bandeau bras would risk making you look more awkward.

What if you have a more androgynous morphology? Here are the perfect swimwear

If you have a slightly androgynous body, your morphology is defined as an "inverted triangle". You have broad shoulders and narrow hips. To balance your silhouette and make it more feminine, choose a two-piece with high-waisted briefs. be more low-cut like this Missguided model or more covered in the best pin-up style like this Goldenpoint model. The optical effect will lengthen the legs, hiding any belly and also increase the volume of the hips.

If you have small breasts, opt for the push-up balconette, very feminine like this Yamamay model. On you, the one-piece swimsuit will look perfect. Even the V-neckline will be your ally, because it will enhance your silhouette and make you sexy as a Bond girl. Besides, how many gorgeous one-piece swimsuits are there?

© Kiabi

To be avoided if you have an "inverted triangle" morphology
Better not go bold with swimwear or low-waisted ones that highlights the shoulders.

What costumes to choose for a pear shape

If you have wide hips and narrow shoulders, opt for a bikini. To divert attention from the lower part, choose a balconette bra: you will enhance your breasts, increasing their volume. A triangle top piece tied behind the neck will also highlight your shoulders.

Low-waisted briefs with laces, on the other hand, will allow you to harmonize your silhouette. Be aware that one-piece swimsuits tend to emphasize the waistline, and tend to shorten the legs.

In this case, we recommend the model with balconette and briefs with Yamamay laces € 23.90

To be avoided if you have a pear shape
The high-waisted briefs, which highlight the thighs and hips that are too wide.

"8" morphology: here are the costumes you cannot give up

You are well proportioned, your shoulders are the same size as the slugs, and you have a narrow waist. You can really put on all kinds of costumes.

Just be careful with one-piece swimsuits: if they don't have the right shape, they risk flattening your shapes and filling the hollows, making you look rounder.
If you have a hint of love handles, avoid straps that are too tight, they will tend to mark the hips too much and reproduce the "hated" bagged "effect.

To be avoided if you have an "8" morphology
Bandeau bras if you have large breasts: you risk crushing them. On the contrary, try to enhance it with this type of costumes:

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© Tyler Nix - Unsplash Costumes for big breasts

And if you have a little belly, go for high-waisted swimsuits

Having a little bacon should definitely not make you think about giving up a bikini: remember that we are all real women, not models, and defects make us unique.
However, if you still feel a little uncomfortable, try opting for a retro-style bikini from the 1950s with a high-waisted bottom made perhaps with strategic seams that help you to better shape the belly area.

But if you really don't feel like it, try a Tankini - this new model of swimsuit, which arrived in stores a few years ago, offers a tank top, just to minimize the discomfort caused by a non-toned belly.

High waisted costumes